Hardik marries Gulli opposing Subhadra; Dadisaa senses Basant’s life in danger in Balika Vadhu

Saurabh tells Vivek that Saachi came in his room at night and was getting physical with him, so he had to shut her in the room and run out, as she is his Bhabhi now and such relation can’t exist between them now. Vivek is so embarrassed and goes to Saachi for an answer. He asks her what she is doing in Sauarbh’s room and wants an answer. Saachi tells him something. Vivek gets angry and goes. Saurabh asks, didn’t you have enough yesterday night. Saachi says, I didn’t come to your room and didn’t have the think. She holds his collar. Saurabh says, only we know the truth. Vivek bhaiyya didn’t know the truth. Saachi thinks to do something else Saurabh will spoil her married life.

Hardik and Gulli spend time with each other and he tells her about his life in America. They both start falling for each other. He comes to know about Gulli getting married and is heartbroken. He tells Nandu that they will give a gift to Gulli, a nice dance program. Ganga and Gehna say that they will also help him.Dadisaa says Gulli will be marries from our home. Subhadra praises Dadisaa and says no one takes care of other’s needs. Dadisaa says Gulli supported Anandi in school. Subhadra asks when did you meet her? Dadisaa says she was getting married in childhood, but Anandi saved her. The guy whom she was about to marry in childhood tried to rape her, and I saved her and killed him.

Dadisaa tells her that Gulli’s mom eloped with some guy and was pregnant later. He later left her. Gulli’s mom gave birth to Gulli.S ubhadra starts disliking Gulli now. Anandi notices Hardik and Gulli looking at each other. Baraat comes. Dadisaa welcomes the groom and his family. Subhadra tells the groom’s mum what all Dadiaa told her, and she gets furious. She tells her husband and son, and they refuse for the marriage to happen. Groom’s father says, Gulli was about to get raped by Het Singh’s son. Her grand parents didn’t tell us. Dadisaa says, your anger is justified. I accept that they didn’t do the right thing and apologizes to them. Groom’s mom says, they can’t let their son marry her and cancels the marriage.

They leave everyone shocked. Subhadra says, who will marry this girl now? Everything depend on God now. Hardik says, Gulli will get married now itself. Everyone look at him with surprise. Hardik announces that he will marry her shocking Subhadra. Subhadra asks, are you mad? You will marry this girl? Have you gone mad? Do you know about her? She was molested by her ex fiancee. Hardik asks her not to repeat everything and says he is looking for the future with her. He doesn’t mind her past. Hardik asks for her grand parents’s permission. He asks her to let him marry her. Gulli’s grand parents agree. Gulli cries happily. Dadisaa smiles.Hardik proposes Gulli asking her will and she agrees to marry him.

Anandi does their ghatbandan happily. They get married and Subhadra refuses to bless them saying she will not accept this marriage. Subhadra holds Anandi responsible for Hardik’s doing. She says you taught Gulli how to trapped rich guys. Dadisaa says I am ashamed of your thinking. I can see my old thinking in your thinking. I was like you, full of anger, narrow minded, arrogant, but Anandi changed me. Relations are made in heaven. She asks her to understand Gulli’s pain and give her respect. Dadisaa consoles Gulli and says you are giving a test once again. You are with your husband now. Hardik promises to hold her hand for life. Subhadra thinks to trouble Gulli. Shiv’s Daddu is happy seeing Hardik married to Gulli and asks Subhadra to respect her bahu. bhadra blames Daddu for getting Shiv married to Anandi. Subhadra calls her son and tells him about Hardik’s marriage.

Her son disconnects the call. Subhadra then calls her daughter in law.She asks her to buy some gift for Gulli and ends the call. Subhadra thinks they are bad parents.Basant tells Dadisaa that he loves her a lot and could not show his affection. Dadisaa sees a dream about Basant and screams. She tells Basant that she felt as if someone is snatching him from her. Basant asks her not to worry as he is here with her. Gulli and Hardik have some romantic moments on their wedding night. Will Subhadra accept Gulli? Is Dadisaa dream is about to happen in real? Keep reading.