Himmat kills Kuldeep and Laali; Simran runs a girls school becoming an MLA; kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai ends on a happy note

Simran and Laali have a talk in the kitchen. Rajveer comes and flirts with Simran. Laali gets jealous and plans to get Rajveer behind the bars as she starts missing Kuldeep. She feels Simran will take her complaint back if she plots Rajveer is some fake case. Rajveer asks Simran to wear a yellow ghagra and come in the room. Laali hears this and comes in his room wearing similar dress. Rajveer thinks its Simran and hugs her. He looks at her and is shocked seeing its Laali. He moves back and apologizes to her. Laali tears her dress and calls everyone acting like he misbehaved with her.Rajveer does not understand what is he upto. Laali comes in the hall and tells the fake story and says I requested him to leave me, but he molested me and tear my clothes.

Rajveer says she is lying. He says I thought its Simran and hugged her, but when I saw her face, I moved back. She says no, I was afraid when he caught me, I asked him to leave me, but he did not listen to me. Rajveer says are you mad, I did not do this. He says you hugged me and when I pushed you, you started shouting. Himmat starts beating Rajveer. Rajveer tries to prove himself innocent but fails. Rajveer comes to his room and thinks about Laali’s bad act. Simran comes to him and he clarifies her. He says why did she do this with me, she has blamed me, I can’t believe this. Simran says I trust you a lot. She says I trust you more than myself. She says no one can harm us, don’t worry.

Laali takes Himmat in confidence and asks him to protect her from Rajveer. Himmat consoles her and asks her not to worry as Rajveer can not touch her again. She cries and tells him to send Rajveer away from the house. Himmat calls the police and makes Rajveer get arrested by them. Rajveer goes jail and Kuldeep laughs seeing him. Rajveer beats him and the inspector stops them. Kuldeep says give him third degree and serve him well. The inspector says yes, you see what I do to him. Rajveer is beaten a lot in the jail. Kuldeep smiles seeing him.

Simran comes to meet Rajveer in the jail. She is shocked to see Laali there with Kuldeep. Laali tells her about her affair with Kuldeep and that he has put a wrong blame on him to free Kuldeep. Simran is shocked and comes home. She tells everything to the family. Everyone is shocked. Laali comes and tells everyone that Simran is right. She tells them that she wants to ruin the family. She says she loves Kuldeep and wants him to free him from jail. Tau ji gets angry knowing this and takes out a gun to kill her, but Simran stops him.

Laali starts insulting Tau ji each day asking him to convince Simran to take the complaint back. Simran goes to meet Rajveer in jail and tells him what Laali is doing at home. She says she will take the complaint back and free him as the family needs him. Rajveer asks her not to bend infronf of wrong and think about Wazeero and seek justice for her. He asks Simran to go home. Wazeero gets well and comes to meet Simran. Simran gets happy seeing her. Wazeero asks her to take the Kuldeep’s complaint back and free Rajveer as she has got justice the day when Kuldeep went behind bars. She insists and Simran agrees.

She goes to the police station and takes her complaint against Kuldeep back. Rajveer gets free. They come home and everyone are happy seeing them. Kuldeep comes there with dhol baja riding a horse and dressed like a groom. Laali gets ready to meet him, and Himmat thinks she is getting dressed for him and is happy. Kuldeep calls Laali and she runs to him. Laali hugs Kuldeep and Himmat is heart broken. Laali tells everyone that she will marry Kuldeep today. Simran calls the police and the inspector says he will arrest Kuldeep, as all this was a drama which Simran planned to free Rajveer.

Kuldeep gets angry and takes his gun to kill Simran. Himmat also has a gun and shoots at Kuldeep and Laali. They get killed and the police arrests Himmat. Himmat apologizes to Tau ji for not being a good son and promises him that he will be better than his wishes. Tau ji blesses him. The show takes a 15 year leap and Simran becomes a MLA. She frees Himmat using her powers. She runs a girls school in the village by name Sanghwaan girls high school and everyone respects her a lot. The family is shown celebrating and happy. The show ended this week on a happy note where it gave the moral that education is the birth right of every child.