RK punishes his parents’ murderer; Bhanu plans to harm Madhu in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK removes the thorn from Madhu’s feet and looks at her with love in his eyes and heart. Madhu does the puja and is brought home. Agni goes to buy a snake in order to kill Madhu. She comes home and sees Madhu praying to the Lord. She silently goes to Madhu’s room and keeps the snake. Madhu goes to her room and goes to rest. The snake crawls over her bed and Madhu is shocked seeing it. Madhu runs seeing it and shouts for help. Agni hears her and is happy thinking this might be Madhu’s end. RK comes to save Madhu and laughs seeing the snake. Madhu hugs him and asks him to save her from the snake. RK feels glad that she got afraid and came closer to her, which was not possible by any way till now. He says he will feel the room with snakes if she comes to him so close. Madhu smirks and insists him to throw out the snake.

Everyone come there. Dau ji smiles seeing RK lifting the snake with his hand and Bhanu using a rod being afraid. RK does the snake greetings and tells its his Lord and we should take his blessings. RK leaves the snake outside. Madhu thanks him. The snake comes in Agni’s room and she shouts for help. RK rescues her too and thinks from where did this snake come. Bhanu scolds Agni for being so kiddish and bringing a snake to kill Madhu. He asks her to trust him and wait for the right time. RK comes to his room and tells Madhu that he will guard her all night and she can sleep peacefully. She sleeps and wakes up in the morning seeing RK sleeping in wee hours. She thinks it’s a good chance to run away now.

She manages to run outside, but is stopped by Dau ji. Dau ji asks her what is she doing. She frankly tells him that she is running. Dau ji thinks she means jogging in morning and is impressed by her. Dau ji goes to tell this to RK. RK is shocked and understands what was Madhu upto. He gets angry on her and ties her with a cloth. He says if I don’t get my love, I will not beg for it, I will bound it. He says if you try to run again, and I will make this house a jail for you, think you want to become my Rani or a prisoner. Agni fills Bai ji’s ears against Madhu and asks her to be strict with Madhu.

Bhabhi comes to talk to Madhu. She says I m unlucky, I request you not to see me with love and respect. Madhu says I know they are torturing you, I don’t know why do you bear all this, why don’t you go your home, your family will understand you. Bhabhi says I went home, but they asked me to stay here. Bai ji goes to Madhu and asks her to use saree end on her head always infront of men. Madhu does so. Bai ji tells her that we have celebration in the evening to welcome you, so get ready and be there on time.

The party starts in the evening. Bhanu drinks much. Everyone enjoy the dance by some girls. Bhanu dances with them. Agni tells RK that Madhu did not come till now. RK goes to bring Madhu and lifts her. He brings her in the party and asks her to respect his family. He gets a call and leaves. Bhanu holds Madhu’s dance and asks her to dance with him. He forces her and Madhu cries. RK comes and sees all this. He gets so much angry seeing Madhu’s insult that he makes Bhanu dance alone wearing a woman’s dupatta. Bhanu feels humiliated. Bai ji asks Dau ji to explain RK to respect Bhanu else it won’t be good. Dau ji scolds her and talks to RK asking him to work in his business with Bhanu.

RK brings his parents’s murderer who have killed Dau ji’s son Veer too. He beats him and asks his goons to kill that man. Madhu is shocked and tries to stop him. RK slaps her and asks her not to interfere in his work. Dau ji gets happy and hugs RK. He tells Bhanu that RK did this in few days what he could not do in 15 years. Bhanu gets angry. Bhanu plans to kill RK but Agni asks him to kill Madhu instead. Bhanu hires a killer and gives him Madhu’s pic.Will RK be able to save Madhu on time? Keep reading.