Hina Khan is on cloud nine as she receives her first award of 2019

MUMBAI: When any actor gets an award, they know that their work has been recognized and that they are heading in the right direction. It motivates them to work hard for more such accolades. An actor’s award list surely is a measure of his or her outstanding contribution to their craft and thus calls for a celebration. Speaking of this, one of television’s most popular actresses, Hina Khan has received her first award of the year, and it has made her extremely happy.

The actress took to her Instagram account to share a photo in which she can be seen accepting the award for the most Most Stylish TV Personality of the Year.

Hina was extremely happy to receive the award and expressed her opinion about the same. She mentioned that getting an award is a great feeling even when one isn’t physically available to receive the award.

She captioned the photo and wrote, ‘Yes , it’s a great feeling to know that you are being awarded for your achievements.. It’s always great to be attending an award show or a felicitation event but it becomes more special when you get it even when you are not attending it physically. Thank you @lionsgoldawards for honouring me with #BestStylishTVPersonality of the year You made me believe again in the genuine recognition of sheer hard work. Yes I got it for the WORTH so it begins.. My first in 2019 and many more to come inshallah.’