India’s Got Talent Grand Finale on 8th March 2014

Andy and Bharti start the show and tells the finalists name of the last semi finals. Everyone clap for the finalists. The countdown begins. Kiran counts and selects the finalists. The finalists have to perform in the finals and the performers will be giving their best in it. Bharti says I m ready today well as I m going to get married. The first finalist performs and everyone looks at the superb finale performance. The others also show a glimpse of their performance.

They are some dancers, magicians, singers, acrobats and what not. Bharti says did you see such talent as this somewhere else. They asks for vote appeal. The pianist boy Sai won everyone’s heart by his immense quality and perfect timing. Beat breakers, the dance troupe is also outstanding. Sai performs on the song Jeena Yahan marna yahan………….. from the movie Joker. He plays the piano tune so well that everyone are left spell bound. Beat breakers perform beautifully on the song Jai ho…… from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. The judges claps for them.

Bharti and Andy present the next batch of finalists. Their intro is shown in brief about their juonry on the show. They start performing one after another. Andy says few minutes are left now, use them now. Bharti jokes. Andy says there will be a flood of votes, it’s the last chance to vote. Everyoen claps. They show their performances and does a vote appeal.

Andy says this is my show, Bharti has gone in a reality show and she will lose there. Bharti comes crying and says I can’t lose. She says I won the reality show and got a cheque and car. She jokes and sends Andy. She tells them the intro of the other batch of performers. The show has some AV of everyone showing their funny side. Three cheers for the jury. Andy says the results will be coming soon.

The next batch comes and performers. Bharti praises them and tells them about their hardwork. Madhuri and Juhi come to promote their film Gulabi Gang. Andy shakes a leg with them. Gurmeet comes to perform for Gulabi Gang stars. Bharti acts friendly with Gurmeet. Everyone laughs. He performs with Beat breakers. Bharti calls the next finalist on the stage. Bharti says I came to become an anchor, not a judge. Karan says you came here to find a groom for yourself. He shows a AV to everyone about Bharti proposing to everyone who comes on the show.

Few proposals come for Bharti for the Swayambar. Bharti shows the AV about Malaika. Everyone laughs seeing it. Madhuri dances with Bharti. Hargun and Sai perform together. He plays the music and she sings the song Muskaan jhuti hai………….. Everyone look at them shocked as Hargun sings it very well. A silent dance performance goes on in the background. Madhuri gives her opinion and calls them child prodigies. Sai is being praised a lot and his looks are shows him as a musician. Hargun has all the qualities of a singer. Bharti pulls Rushail’s leg and gives her some tips on Hindi language with some translations.

Comedy Nights with Kapil stars also comes on the show and performs in the Grand Finale episode. Dance performances starts again on the songs like Tu na jane aas paas hai khuda……… Malaika gives the kid standing ovation. The funny boys perform next. Salman the dancer comes to perform with them. Everyone shake a leg with Madhuri and Juhi. Madhuri dances on the song Ghagra…… from the mivie Yeh Jawaani hai Dewaani. Karanveer performs with the hit Jodi of the IGL season 5. Karan likes their performance and gives his opinion.

Karanveer dances with Malaika. Bharti flirts with Karanveer. Andy and Bharti hide a big surprise. The magician performs next and Amitabh Bachchan comes in his act. Amitabh comes to promote his movie Bhootnath. The audience likes his entry and claps for him. Amitbah thanks everyone for their love and its to watch the results of the Grand Finale. Finally the time comes to announce the winner. Sai gets to the top four. Raagahi and Troupe dance performers win the Grand Finale and they are the winners. The Grand Finale ends with a blast.