Nikhil saves Lajjo from epidemic in Gustakh Dil

Gustakh Dil had publicized this week Maha Episodes a lot which ran for one hour for five days of the week from 3rd March to 7th March 2014. The Maha Episodes focused on Lajjo’s illness as she was suffering from the epidemic disease in Sonbarsa. She catches the disease while she treats the ill patients at the clinic where she serves and helps Doctor Kaka not caring about her health. The disease is deadly and everyone thinks about the one question. That’s will Lajjo survive or die? This question made the viewers keep glued to the Tv screens all the week. Will Nikhil be able to save Lajjo from the deadly disease and start a new life with her or will he lose Lajjo for lifetime? This question has in everyone’s mind but the good thing is this question was answered in this week Maha Episodes.

The moment Nikhil reads about the epidemic disease going on in Sonbarsa, he calls Anu and asks about her, baba and Lajjo. Anu tells him that Lajjo is ill and is very much serious. She tells him that Lajjo is counting her last days and he should start praying for her. Nikhil gets much worried hearing this and thinks of meeting Lajjo at the earliest. He tells about his decision to Barkha and everyone at home. Barkha is against this but Nikhil does what’s in his mind. Though he takes the permission of his sweetheart Ishaana. Ishaana sees the intensity of worry is his eyes for Lajjo and can’t stop him this time. She gives him the permission happily by heart as she understands that Lajjo is really serious and Nikhil wants to help her in some way, else he will be feeling guilty all life because of this.

Ishaana says this time Nikhil can’t be stopped. Barkha calls her foolish as she is making Nikhil go again to Lajjo and she might trap Nikhil again after seeing him come to her village. Even her parents can make Nikhil agree to keep up their marriage. Ishaana was happy that Nikhil signed the divorce papers and his decision is firm. She tells Barkha that this time she won’t force Nikhil, she won’t stop him, he is free to do whatever he wants, if his love is true for her, he will surely come back to her. She says Lajjo is not physically here with us but she is with Nikhil every time, in this room, in his heart, in his mind, always and everywhere. Lajjo has been with Nikhil only for six months and Ishaana has been with him for 0 years, but the memories Lajjo has given him is more than what she has given him.

She says her memories always make Nikhil happy and he is already missing Lajjo in his life. She asks Barkha to let Nikhil go, he will come back soon before their London trip. Ishaana is not much confident but has no option than to wait for him. Nikhil leaves for Sonbarsa and is about to meet with an accident on the highway. He drives thinking about Lajjo’s illness and thinks about his dream of a dead woman. He understands that his dream was about Lajjo and he should reach to her soon. His car breaks down and he does not get any mechanic.

He runs by foot and reaches the village. He is shocked to see Lajjo’s deadly state. He requests Lajjo’s parents and Doctor Kaka to allow him once to meet Lajjo. They ask him to leave as he may also catch the infection. But Nikhil keeps on insisting and they have to agree at last. Nikhil meets Lajjo and says see I came, now I will make sure you become fine, I won’t let anything happen to you, I will save you. He comes to know that Lajjo did not get any medicines and she needs medical care. Nikhil arranges the important medicines for Lajjo and everyone ill in the village.

Lajjo’s mum blames Nikhil for Lajjo’s state but her dad is thankful to him as his help has saved Lajjo. Lajjo responds to the medicines and becomes fine. Everyone are happy especially Nikhil. Lajjo gets well and talks to him asking why did you come. He says for you, you are my good friend and I can’t see you dying. He spends his much time with her, making her have food, making her have medicines, making her smile. Lajjo starts feeling for him again. Will Nikhil have any feelings for Lajjo? Will he realize his true love for Lajjo? Stay tuned.