Ishaana asks Nikhil to bring his love Lajjo back from Sonbarsa in Gustakh Dil.

Everyone at home is shocked that Nikhil broke the engagement with Ishaana. They think Nikhil is confused and is unable to decide about his future. Rancho comes to meet Nikhil but Gunjan tells her that Nikhil wants to be alone as he is very upset. Rancho tells him that Nikhil has changed ever since he came to know that Lajjo loves him. Nani goes to Lajjo’s room as she too misses Lajjo. Nikhil sees light in Lajjo’s room and thinks Lajjo came back. He becomes happy and goes to see. He sees Nani there and becomes numb. Nani confronts him about his feelings. She says you thought Lajjo came back right. Nikhil tells her that he is confused, he has always loved Ishaana and how can he love Lajjo now, love happens once. Nani says love happens anytime and we can’t know when it occurs.

Nani asks him to look into his heart and find out he loves whom. She tells him that even if you marry Ishaana, even then Lajjo will always be in your life and heart. She says Lajjo will not go anwhere. Nikhil says you are right, my heart always said this but I made it quiet. He says I love Lajjo a lot. Ishaana comes to meet Nikhil about her engagement and Chaya tells her that he is in Lajjo’s room. Ishaana goes to see him and hears her saying I love Lajjo so much. Ishaana is shocked. Nikhil says I have hurt everyone by being confused. Nikhil says Lajjo, Ishaana, mum and dad are all hurt by my stupidity. Nani asks him to take a firm decision now and think about his future. Ishaana leaves crying.

Ishaana comes home and thinks how can Nikhil love Lajjo, he loves her and will marry only her. Ishaana breaks down thinking he loves Lajjo and she is no longer in his life. Ishaana calls Nikhil at a temple and asks him to marry him and gives him sindoor. Nikhil is shocked. Ishaana keeps on insisting. Nikhil is tensed and tells her that he can’t marry her as he loves Lajjo. Ishaana is shocked and cries. Nikhil tells her that she came before in his life and he will do whatever she says, he promises her. Ishaana leaves and comes home crying. She tells everything to Aditi. Aditi comes to meet Barkha in anger and tells her that Nikhil has cut all ties with Ishaana. Everyone are shocked. Aditi tells her that Nikhil loves Lajjo, not Ishaana. Nani tells Barkha that she knew this and Barkha gets annoyed by Nani. Aditi leaves scolding Barkha.

Barkha confronts Nikhil and tells him that Lajjo does not deserve to be her bahu as she is socially very down. Nikhil argues with her and says he loves Lajjo a lot and will marry only her. He says I will bring her back in this house and if the society does not respect her, I will support her, I will stand by her always. Barkha is angry. Inder talks to Nikhil and tells him that if Lajjo comes back, his family will be ruined. Nikhil tells Inder that he can’t live without Lajjo and wants her in his life back. Inder asks him to decide himself and leaves. Samrat is happy with Nikhil’s decision.

Ishaana thinks about Nikhil’s true love for Lajjo and thinks she was coming in between them. She comes to meet Nikhil and brings a sindoor box which Lajjo has given her when she left Nikhil. Nikhil tells her that he will do what she says, he will not go back to Lajjo and will not cheat her as she has first right on him. Ishaaan gives him the sindoor box and asks him to go and bring Lajjo back, as she is his love and his wife. Nikhil is shocked and asks why are you doing this. Ishaana tells him that she always came in between their marriage and tried to win him, but she failed, she is his good friend and wants him to be happy with the one he loves.

Nikhil is touched and asks her what about you, will you stay alone. Ishaana tells him that she did not think about herself yet, but she has her mum with her so she is not alone. Nikhil asks Ishaana will Lajjo accept his love, he is scared of her decision. Ishaana says Lajjo will surely accept his love as she also loves him. She encourages Nikhil and asks him to go Sonbarsa and bring Lajjo back. Nikhil thanks her for unburdening him and making him free. Nikhil leaves for Sonbarsa to bring Lajjo back in his life. Will Lajjo accept his love? Keep reading.