Saachi and Vivek happily get married in Balika Vadhu

Saachi and Vivek are soon getting married. They go for shopping for their bridal clothes. Vivek misses his mum a lot. Saachi understands that he is missing his mum and family as he wanted them to be a part of celebrations. Vivek tells her that he will be happy with her. Saachi decides to invite Vivek’s family in their marriage so that Vivek can get their blessings. Saachi tells Anandi that she wants to meet Vivek’s family and invite them with the marriage invitation card. Anandi asks her is she sure. Saachi says yes, she can do anything for Vivek’s happiness. Saachi asks Anandi to accompany her to Vivek’s house. Anandi agrees.

Meanwhile, at the Anand Dham ashram, Arvind and Renu come to meet Suhasini. Arvind asks her how did she sell his house. Suhasini tells him that it was her house and she has the right to sell it. She scolds Arvind. Renu misbehaves with Suhasini and asks her to give them money she got after selling the house. Suhasini is hurt by seeing this. Anandi asks Renu not to misbehave with Suhasini as she is her mum in law. Renu comes to know that Anandi is the one who has supported Suhasini and made her sell the house. Renu scolds Anand for interfering in their personal matters.

Suhasini tells Renu that Anandi is more than her daughter and she did a lot for her, she took great care of her in the ashram. Renu does not care and asks for the money again. Suhasini tells her that she has donated all the money to the ashram, which shocks Renu and Arvind. Suhasini is attached to her grand son Rahul and tells him that she will come to meet him. She tells Arvind that she is kept some fixed deposit on Rahul’s name. She advises him to give Rahul good values and upbringing. She asks Arvind and Renu to leave. They leave in anger having lost house, money and a mum. Anandi asks Suhasini not to worry as the ashram members are like her family and will always be with her. Suhasini is relieved by her words.

Ganga is worried for Mannu as Ratan Singh will be soon taking him from her and then she can never see his face again. Ganga asks Gehna to take care of Mannu and keeps some distance from him. Dadisa sees this and asks Ganga to spend good time with Mannu till he is here and give him love which would last in his mind forever. Ganga cries and agrees. Jagya tells everyone that Mannu got well now and it is time for us to give him to Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh’s mum comes to meet Mannu. Ganga tells Mannu that she is your Dadisa. But Mannu regards Dadisa as his grandma. Dadisa cries seeing his love. Ratan Singh’s mum asks them to give back Mannu soo and leaves.

Ratan Singh have a change of heart in the jail when he sees his friend committing suicide after his son blames him for his wrong upbringing and current state. Ratan Singh thinks the same can happen with him, his son will hate him if he knows that his dad is a criminal. He thinks he can’t give him good values and can’t make him a good man, so it is better to let Mannu stay with Jagya and Ganga. He asks his parents to bring Jagya, Mannu and Ganga to meet him in jail. Jagya and Ganga come there and handover Mannu to Ratan Singh. But he does not take Mannu, and return him to Ganga. He tells them how his decision changed and he wants his son to be with good people. Jagya respects his decision and hugs him. Jagya and Ganga bring Mannu home and tell everyone about Ratan Singh’s right decision. Everyone is very happy and celebrate.

Saachi and Vivek get married as Vivek’s parents come there and they end all their relations with Vivek. Vivek gets upset and at the same time, he is happy that he married a girl like Saachi. Saachi waits for Vivek at the wedding night and gets shy. Vivek comes to her and they have a talk about their future. Vivek gets closer to Saachi and recalls how Saurabh molested her and pushes Vivek away. Vivek is shocked and asks her what happened, its me Vivek. Saachi says sorry and goes to sleep. Vivek understands what she is going through.

Next morning, they read the newspaper that Vivek married a rape victim of his brother. Saachi handles the situation well and asks Vivek not to think about such things. Vivek tells her that he is in love with her again. They have a hug. Vivek tells her that they won’t have a husband wife relation till she is ready. She says she is very lucky to have him. Shiv calls Saachi and asks her to get ready as he is coming to take her at patphere ritual. What will be the next twists in the show? Keep reading.