Ishwar feels proud about Chakor’s school admission; Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini hatch a new plan in Udaan

Ishwar sends firecrackers to Aazaadgunj by Chakor’s name and makes their Diwali delightful. Kasturi and Bhuvan are very happy, and the entire village lights by the diyas. Suraj gets jealous and goes to see the village. He gets hurt by the cracker and comes home. Tejaswini treats his hand and gets angry. Bhaiya ji calls Prabhakar and scolds him. Ishwar gets angry and threatens Bhaiya ji saying it a sign of new morning, that your dark evil world will end by these diyas, happy Diwali.

Abha says the way you spoke to Bhaiya ji, did you say much. Ishwar says he is calling here and threatening dad, can I see him insulting dad. The people gossip in the village. Tejaswini comes to them. Everyone bow down and greet her. Tejaswini sees the diya on the ground. She scolds them. She says you all should not forget your place, you are our Bandhua, and will always be. Chakor asks Ishwar did he send her prize to her parents. He says yes, your parents will come here in few days. Chakor says thanks, I will get ready, as I m coming to Aditya’s school for sports day, school gate will be closed if we go late.

Ishwar says no door will close for our Chakor ever. Bhuvan asks postman to stop Ishwar from sending money. The post man says he can’t stop him, but can hide the money and give him. He says you are my old friend, so I can just do this. Kasturi thinks of Lakhan and asks him where does Lakhan send money. The postman says he sends to his mistress, not his wife’s Maayka. She thanks him. She says I got the way to reach my Chakor and smiles. Chakor comes to Aditya’s school. Aditya asks is she finding Vivaan. Ranjana comes there with Vivaan and sees Manohar.

Manohar stops them and holds Vivaan. He asks does he not want his dad to see him win the race. Manohar says every relation has importance, and has rights. Ranjana asks what right did you give us, you kicked us out on Bhaiya ji’s words. Ranjana asks Manohar to leave. Chakor tries to see and asks the guard to move as she can’t see anything. The sports teacher asks the kids not to play for winning, as game is to mould talent. He says its your test and my test too for the training I gave you in one year, play like champions. The race begins. Chakor cheers for Aditya and Vivaan. Ranjana is shocked seeing her in Ishwar’s lap and asks what is she doing her. Chakor is tensed. Ishwar says yes, whats the problem she is with us.

Kasturi meets Lakhan’s wife and confirms that her Maayka is not in Uddhampur. She says she has got a weapon against Lakhan to shut his mouth. She tells Bhuvan that Lakhan sends money to his mistress and his wife does not know this, Lakhan was shocked when I took Uddhampur’s name. He says will you threaten him. She says yes. Bhuvan says we won’t threaten him. Dadi supports Kasturi. Kasturi says if we don’t break this chain today, we can never break it. Chakor stands near the sports teacher. She says how will they win like this, I have to do something. She removes her sandals and sees Vivaan getting behind. She starts running holding her sandals in her hand. Everyone look on puzzled. She runs faster and amazes everyone.

The sports teacher Arjun sees her speed. She crosses the red ribbon and gets first. Bhuvan starts packing bag. Imli says we are going to Lucknow to Chakor and jumps on the bed. he people discuss about Chakor’s speed and how she ran. She looks at everyone and says I broke into the ribbon, what will happen now. Lakhan comes to Kasturi and asks where are they going. Kasturi says she is going to meet her sister in Uddhampur. Lakhan is shocked hearing it. Kasturi fools him saying there is no work in fields. Lakhan asks them to come for work soon, and get money for their work. Arjun looks at Chakor. He starts his speech.

He says the girl started running after everyone gone very ahead, bare foot and she has gone ahead of them, and the shocking thing was she has broke the 10 year old record of this school. I will request the principal to give the prize, we don’t have medal, but to give her prize which is bigger than any medal, that’s appreciation, I request you all to appreciate this extra ordinary and extremely talented girl. Ishwar and everyone is happy. Arjun says Aditya Rawat and Vivaan Rajvanshi are the winners today. Arjun asks the principal to give admission to Chakor as it will be good for their school. They talk to Ishwar and he is glad, and brings Chakor for the interview next day.

Prabhakar tells Bhaiya ji to control Chakor’s family from breaking the cage, else he can’t save him. Bhaiji ji thinks of Prabhakar’s words. Baa tells him that if one bird flies, others also get the courage. Bhaiya ji gets angry and locks her in the room. Tejaswini opens the door and acts sweet to Baa. She tells Bhaiya ji that they have to kill few people to make other scared of their fear. She instructs Lakhan to follow her orders and keep an eye on Chakor’s family. Prabhakar comes to know what Chakor did in Aditya’s school and feels proud, but he tells his wife that he has to sacrifice Chakor to save his family. What will Prabhakar do now to deal with Bhaiya ji?