Amrit and Kumbh’s mystery slowly unfolds in Mahakumbh

Mahakumbh emphasizes on the great Kumbh Mela and the secrets around it. The Amrit Manthan and how people are after it. The show focuses on the story of Shivanand and his son Rudra. Some foreigners in Europe are after the Amrit and kidnap Shivanand by doing a blast on the Kumbh bridge, while Rudra falls in the river. Udiya Baba saves Rudra and takes him to a lady called Maai, who is the caretaken of a cemetery. Grierson tells about Karur who has saved Amrit and the Amrit drops falling in four places and Kumbh Mela is organized every 12 years, they feel the Kumbh’s sins gets washed by the years, and Maha Kumbh happens once in 144 years, and the Amrit is found there again, if anyone gets it, he becomes immortal.

The priest thanks Professor Shastri and asks him to leave. He says he agrees with this, he can’t believe this, but we all know our secret society does not believe any religion, we will make death our slave, so we have to reach Amrit. Rudra get afraid and hugs Maai. She gets tears in her eyes by his love warmth and true affection. Many days passes and Maai takes care of Rudra. After 12 years, in Banaras 2001. Maai is surprised to know about Rudra leaving. Udiya Baba says Swami ji will unite Rudra with his father, someone will be finding him, if his dad comes here, what will he tell him, so I wrote a letter and got a reply. She says I have kept him, you did not ask me before writing letter to them. She says I have taken care of him since 12 years. She says she is his mum now. He asks her to understand.

She argues with him and agrees to let off Rudra go. he breaks down seeing him leave. She hugs him for the final time and waves bye. Udiya Baba tells Rudra that he is lucky to meet his mum and Baba. Grierson asks him about the Amrit Manthan secret. Shivanand bears much tortures but does not tell anything to him. Rudra falls in Pandey’s hands and gets chained. Rudra escapes from there and comes back to Maai. She asks the reason for all this, and Rudra tells her about the sign on his back. Maai Mui asks who were they and why did they do this. Rudra says dad used to say no one should see this sign. Shivanand escapes from Poland jail and runs on the road. A car knocks down Shivanand and he sees little Rudra in semi conscious state. Shivanand is taken home by a lady and a little boy.

Rudra tries erasing the sign and his back bleeds. Maai stops him. She asks whats this madness, and calls someone for medical help. Rudra’s wound heals on its own, and she is shocked seeing his back fine. She touches the sign and sees its perfect healed. She gets mystified. Maai wants to make Rudra’s kundli, but its next to impossible, as she comes to know Rudra will have dangers around him all the time. She gets worried. Maai brings Rudra to a fortune teller Tiwari. Tiwari asks his name, father’s name, birth date and location, time. Rudra says name, Rudra, father’s name Shivanand and gives all details. Tiwari says its tough to make his kundli, come tomorrow. Maai says then take notes tomorrow.

Tiwari says you won’t understand this, if I put mind in this, it will take time, no one is here who can make his kundli. Rudra says he knows everything about his kundli and Maai is shocked. Tiwari’s son Punnu becomes Rudra’s friend. Tiwari goes in the boat and suddenly the boat breaks from mid. Tiwari gets tensed and asks the boat man to do anything. The boat man dives and leaves. Tiwari calls for help. Punnu sees him and shouts Baba. Tiwari asks anyone to help him. Punnu says someone save him, and asks the people. The people hold Punnu whole he shouts and asks everyone to save his father.

Rudra hears Punnu shouting Baba and he can get visuals of Tiwari sinking in the water. He runs to the ghaat and jumps into the waters. He swims to Tiwari. Rudra surfaces with Tiwari and Punnu smiles. Everyone is amazed. Rudra brings Tiwari to the shore. Rudra has a rope in his mouth, and everyone is stunned to see he pulled the boat out too. Tiwari apologizes to Maai for scolding Rudra, he has saved me today. The people talk about Rudra. Maai takes him from the crowd. She sends him home, as Tiwari stops her. Rudra leaves. Tiwari says he always knew about his kundli, he will be surrounded by danger always, Lord should protect him. Maai gets worried about Rudra. How will the mystery unfold next? Keep reading.