Jagya supports Sona to exposing Shrivastav in Balika Vadhu

Nandu has hidden the wallet and is troubling Niranjan. Dadisaa realizes it and asks all servants about it. Niranjan sees Nandu hearing them secretly and lies to Dadisaa that he just remembered to have kept his wallet in Vasant Niketan. Dadisaa says it is good that you remembered. Niranjan apologizes to the servants. Jagya too sees Nandu hiding and wonders. Sharmila apologizes to Anandi and tells her that they accepted Anoop’s offer being poor. Saachi comes to the lab to confirm her pregnancy. She gets happy seeing her pregnancy report positive. She thinks to give good news to Vivek and goes to his office.

Nandu comes to Niranjan’s outhouse and is about to keep the wallet there. Niranjan confronts him. Nandu tells him that he won’t let him stay with his mum. Niranjan sees Nandu walking off with his wallet. Shiv apologizes to Anandi. He assures her that they will get the workers soon. Anandi says you are right, I need to be strong for me and my family. Saachi comes to Vivek’s office and sees him leaving. She calls his name and stops him. Vivek tells her that it is good that you met me. He gives her papers saying it is their divorce papers. Saachi gets shocked and shattered. She sees Vivek’s car meeting with an accident and Vivek getting injured. Alok and Anoop argues. Alok asks Anoop to return Anandi’s staff.

Anoop refuses. Shiv asks Anoop to stay in their house. Anoop asks him to call him Papa. Anoop says I feel hurt. I accept that Alok Bhaiyya gave you everything. When I came back home, you should have called me Papa. My big brother hates me so much and my own son refuses to call me Papa. Why should I stay back. He starts packing his stuff. Shiv says if I call you Papa then will you stay back. Meenu says no. you won’t do anything like this. Anoop tells Shiv that he will stay back if you stop calling Alok and Ira as Papa and Maa. He asks Shiv to call them Bade Papa and Bade Maa instead.

Daddu blesses shiv for changing Anoop’s decision. Anoop informs everyone about the agreement between Shiv and him. He tells them that Shiv has decided to call him Papa. Alok and Ira gets shocked. Shiv says he will call Papa to Anoop. Subhadra says she is happy that Shiv agreed to call him Papa and says he will make him realize his worth. Daddu recalls Anoop pushing Alok and fighting with him. Anandi comes there and assures that everything will be fine. addu smiles and then he gets a heart attack.

Daddu falls down on the bed. Anandi gets shocked and shouts for Shiv. The doctor treats Daddu. Saachi wait for Vivek to get consciousness. His condition worsens. Saachi calls the doctor. Doctor says he is fine and asks the nurse to give some medicines. Suman and Roshan come to the hospital in the morning. LP Shrivastav alleges Jagya for having an affair with Sona. Sona reveals to everyone that LP Shrivastav is her husband. Vivek asks Doctor to send nurse to take care of him and says his wife is a working woman and he don’t want to burden himself on her. Ganga also asks her to tell everything.

Sona starts telling her story to them. She says Shrivastav took her advantage and pushed her into prostitution. He pushed her infront of every men who are advantageous to them. Dadisaa, Jagya and Ganga are pained to know her sufferings. Sona tells that she started working as a maid, but people looked at her lustly. She says she sold her body as she couldn’t see her son hungry. She then admitted him to a good boarding school for his better future. She says then Shrivastav’s men caught her and then she ran from there and collided with Jagya.

Dadisaa asks her not to worry rather face her evil husband. Sona gives the interview to the media and exposes LP Shrivastav saying he ruined her respect. Shrivastav gets angry. Jagya tells Sona that you have to fight for your respect. You did right by taking this stand. Sona gets tensed. Jagya asks her not to worry as she did nothing wrong. LP Shrivastav sees the news on TV and thinks he will be a big politician one day. He shows Sona’s interview against him. He fumes in anger and calls his goons to caught Sona. He again switches on the TV and sees her interview. He thinks why you did this, it seems you don’t love your life.

Jagya calls Shrivastav and says this interview will change your life. Shrivastav says you did a good trick and asks him to give the call to Kusum. Ganga tells Jagya that she recalled Ratan Singh torturing them and fears what will Shrivastav do. Jagya asks her not to worry as Kusum suffered a lot and says Shrivastav will be punished. What will Saachi do now? Will Anoop understand Alok? Keep reading.