Radha lands in Mathura to seek divorce from LD in Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali

Shyamali tells LD that it is very difficult for a girl to leave her house. She comes with dreams in her eyes and has her hopes pinned on her husband to be supportive. Renuka tells Radha and Sudhakar that she studied Radha’s case and the only solution is divorce. She asks Radha to go to Mathura and take LD signatures. She says we live in a society so we have to take divorce legally. Renuka suggests her to go to Mathura and says she will explain her what to do. LD looks at Radha’s photo and says he is eagerly waiting for her arrival. Radha tells Renuka that she will concentrate on her career once LD’s chapter gets closed.

Renuka says we all have hopes on you. She gives her some papers and gives her best wishes. Radha thanks her. Renuka says you are like my daughter and asks her to make LD sign on the divorce papers with mutual consent. Radha says LD came in my life as a villian. I wants to end that matter forever. Jhanvi asks LD to show her Radha’s pic. She says she is not in your facebook friends’ list. LD asks her to look in his eyes and closes his eyes to describe Radha. LD says I likes her. She has a grace and charm in her. Radha is one of them who carry Indian dress beautifully. Radha comes wearing jeans and top.

LD talks to Radha and asks what you are bringing for me from Mumbai. Radha says surprise and thinks she is bringing divorce papers which will shock him. The neighbor asks Suhasini to do the rituals before sending Radha to her inlaws’ home and says do everything according to the ritual. LD leaves to receive Radha and Suhasini from the airport. Dada ji comes out and sees LD already left. He prays for his children’s well being. LD greets them and takes them home. Dadi Bua tells Dada ji that they have decided to make Radha cook food. Dada ji says it means you will send her to Mumbai in the first test itself. Dadi Bua says I am sure that LD’s choice is not wrong. Dada ji says his meeting with Radha was not good.

Dadi Bua tells about the inauspicious moment when he met Radha. Dadi Bua says there might be something good in her. Dada ji says lets see. Dadi Bua tells Sadhna and Jayshree that they will give her some responsibility to test her. Sadhna thinks Radha is not aware of it. Dadi Bua asks them to decide what to give her work. Jayshree says we shall give her kitchen responsibility. Dadi Bua says your idea is good. She agrees.

Jayshree gets happy as it was her turn to cook for a week. Sadhna says it is a big responsibility and I didn’t know whether she knows cooking or not. Dadi Bua says I feel she needs to learn and asks Sadhna to be with her. LD opens the car’s dashboard and gets his face turn black. Suhasini and Radha laugh on him. LD gets confused and looks at himself in the mirror. He laughs and says it happens sometimes. They again push the car. LD thanks her and says sorry for asking her to push the jeep. Suhasini says you are very sweet. Radha thinks he is sweet poison and will give them diabetes. Shyamali tells Murli Dhar that they shall call home.

She calls Sadhna and informs her that Radha came wearing jeans. Sadhna gets shocked and asks her to tell LD to call her. Govind comes and asks what happened. Sadhna says actually. Govind says you have to bear the trouble. Sadhna prays to God for strength. Suhasini asks Radha to behave accordingly to the environment. Radha tells her that she has not activated roaming till now and will handle everything. LD throws the drink on Radha. Radha says your trick have failed, I won’t change my jeans. LD says Dada ji will not approve you. Radha says we are two different worlds.

Radha tells LD that last time when she dressed up as bride was her life’s biggest mistake. She recalls their marriage and says that day’s images still haunts her. LD thinks one day you will fall in love with me. He looks at Radha and imagines promising Dada ji to make Radha wear saree and getting a slap from him. He tries convincing her to change dress and she refuses. What will be Dada ji’s reaction seeing Radha in jeans? Keep reading.