Jai makes Chandrika, Jiten and Hitesh get arrested and that’s the end of the show Sanskaar

Jai and Dhara are very much in love and Jai asks Dhara to express her love. He teases her saying I love you and asks her to say the same to him. He teaches her some simple English words like I love you, good morning, thanks, welcome and so on. One day, he catches Dhara in the hall while she gives him Prasad and holds her closer. She asks him to leave her else anyone will see them. Jai says let them see, I m romancing my wife. He asks her to take his name Jai Kishan. Dhara was shy before too as she feels a wife should not take husband’s name. He insists a lot and asks her to break it into two and say. Dhara says Jai, I love you. Jai is stunned and happy that she took his name and also said I love you, so a double treat for him. Dhara smiles being shy. Jai hugs her and thanks her for making his day great.

Chandrika plans with Jiten against Ansubaa and thinks to use Dipika’s chapter to get sympathy from the villagers. Jiten tells her that he will support her but he wants Ansubaa and her family to taste the dust. Jiten wants to take revenge from them as they got Dipika arrested. Ansubaa asks Lily to come with her to the temple but Jai surprises her saying he will come with her. Ansubaa is very happy that Jai is becoming so much devotional, all thanks to the Lord for reviving his trust in him. Jai takes Ansubaa to the temple. He gets a call and asks Ansubaa to stand there. Hitesh informs Chandrika that Jai and Ansubaa went to the temple. Chandrika sends his goons to kill Ansubaa. The goon trys to hit Ansubaa with the tempo. Jai sees the tempo coming towards Ansubaa and shouts pushing her. He saves her and brings her home. Everyone discuss who could have done this. Chandrika gets angry knowing Ansubaa go saved by Jai.

Dhara feels she is unlucky for this house and this is happening because of her. Jai pacifies her and tells her that she is the soul of the family. Dhara is upset and prays to the Lord. She thinks of Murli and he appears infront of her. She does not know that he is Lord Krishna himself. Murli tells her not to worry as he will take all the problems of her family and keep them happy. He asks Dhara to inform Jai that there is someone in their house who is helping Chandrika and Jiten. He asks Dhara to be happy as her Kishan ji is always with her. Dhara smiles. Jai tells everyone that he got a big contract and they can return Jiten’s money now. Everyone are happy. Jai shows them some important project ideas documents and Hasmukh asks him to keep it safely. Jai goes to the room and keeps it in the cupboard locking it. Hitesh follows him and plans to steal the file. Hitesh succeeds in stealing it and thinks Jai will be ruined now. He informs this to Jiten.

Jiten comes to them with police and laywer. Jiten asks the inspector to arrest Ansubaa and her family as they have failed to return his money. Everyone are shocked. Hasmukh argues with him and asks him to give them some time. But Jiten is adamant and insists. The inspector goes to arrest Ansubaa and Jai comes there right on time shouting him not to touch Ansubaa. He brings Rs. 50 crores cheque and gives it to Jiten. Jiten is shocked and thinks how did this happen. Jai tells everyone that he had kept the fake file in cupboard. Everyone are happy and asks Jiten to get out of their house. Jai sees the man who has hit Ansubaa with Chandrika and understands she did the accident. He takes the police to Chandrika, and catches Jiten and Hitesh there. The police arrests them and Jai brings Hitesh home to tell everyone his truth. Avni slaps Hitesh and calls the police to arrest him saying she will never forgive him for cheating her family. The family stays happy and Avni joins her brothers in the mill becoming independent. Ansubaa and her family is complete with Jai and Dhara. Everyone smile posing for the happy moment. That’s the end of the show’s season 2.