Lajjo distances from Nikhil to get educated and win Barkha’s heart in Gustakh Dil

Barkha comes to Sonbarsa as she was worried that Lajjo will snatch her son. Barkha did not forgive Nikhil till now for Akash’s death but does not want to lose him to Lajjo. She is not clear she loves Nikhil or notm but she is bringing her ego in between and wants Nikhil to be away from Lajjo. She is rude to Lajjo and does not accept her as her bahu. Lajjo prepares some oil free food for Barkha and she identifies it. She does not eat the food and leaves. Nikhil sees that and asks Lajjo not to worry as he does not care about what his mum thinks about her. He tells Lajjo that he loves her a lot and will not leave her. At any cost, even if his family goes against him.

Nikhil and Lajjo have some romantic moments. Jabse tere sapno ne mere naino ko chua hai, mere mann ka parinda bawra sa hua hai…………..plays……….Nikhil assures Lajjo that he will always try to become a good husband and they will start a new life, far from his rich life and home where Barkha resides, they will make their own small house and live happily. Lajjo tells him that she is scared seeing rich things as she is born in a poor family, she is habituated to small things, which gives big happiness. Nikhil says its good, not I don’t have to earn much for fulfilling your small dreams. She hugs him and is happy.

Nikhil sleeps and his guilt makes him disturbed. He wakes him worried thinking about Akash’s death which happened as he left his hand. Lajjo comes to him and pacifies him. She tells him that it was not your mistake, it was Lord’s wish. Nikhil says yes, you are right but I miss my brother a lot. Lajjo comes to talk to Barkha and tells her that Nikhil is not responsible for Akash’s death and till when will she blame him and not give him mum’s love. She tells Barkha to accept Nikhil and forget the past. She tells him that Nikhil feeling guilty till now and how he is unable to come out of the bad past and Akash’s death. Barkha tells her that she lost one son and now Lajjo is snatching her other son. She tells her that if she comes back home with Nikhil, he will be again taunted by the society for having a illiterate wife. She says they have to face such bad taunts.

Lajjo feels bad and assures her that she will not come with Nikhil to their home and instead try to become something and be on her own. She says she will come home only if she gets a respectable name in the society so that she can be proud of her and accept her as bahu by her heart. Barkha is happy and asks her to promise this. Lajjo promises her and comes to tell this to Nikhil. Lajjo asks Nikhil to go back alone as she needs some time to become deserving. Nikhil is shocked and says I will not stay away from you at any cost. He tells her that she will come with him and he will not go alone. Lajjo says no, she has decided and promised Barkha that she will not come with him as she wants to be respectable. Nikhil says he does not care and leaves going to the old fort.

Lajjo runs after him and falls. She holds and hangs on. She calls Nikhil for help and he is shocked to see her hanging. He runs to her to save her. He thinks of Akash and how he left his hand and he died. He feels he will lose Lajjo if he does any mistake again. He holds Lajjo’s hands and lifts her up. He saves Lajjo and hugs her. He comes out of his guilt and feels he was small to save Akash that time. Nikhil leaves from Sonbarsa agreeing to Lajjo’s condition that she will come later on. Nikhil tells Barkha that her son came back only as Lajjo asked him to, she did not break their family but she could have done it if she wanted. Nikhil gives up the rich comforts and decides to find a job. He fails to get a good job and keeps trying. Lajjo’s college has some riots and it shuts. Lajjo comes home and cries thinking her education will stop now. Her parents pacify her. What will Lajjo and Nikhil do now to earn a name and make a respectable place in the society? Keep reading.