Jasmin Bhasin on being a part of Naagin: I have given up on my love for food

It was the thought of getting into shape that came to actor Jasmin Bhasin as soon as she signed Naagin 4. The actor, who plays the role of a naagin called Nayantara in the show, was on cloud nine after she was offered it. ‘I took up Naagin 4 because it’s been a number one show. It has had three super-hit seasons and I could see how eagerly people wait for the next season. So, I guess it was a big opportunity for me to be part of it and that’s why I took it. I was not apprehensive, but I wasn’t very sure about it till I got the exact narration and story. Once my narration and meeting were done, I was very sure about doing the show.’

The actor hopes the audience loves her in the show. ‘The only pressure is to perform really well and give my best. because all the seasons have been super hits. This season has to be a super hit as well. Performances are the most important thing, and that is only pressure I have,’ she says.

Talking about the effort she has put in for the show, she says, ‘The special preparation that I need to put in is to get into shape. The leading ladies of the previous seasons have set a really high standard, and so, I have given up on my love for food. I am eating healthy, and I am trying to work out so that I look the best. I have unlearned everything that I learned in my past fiction shows because this is a totally different show.’

She adds, ‘The thought that came to my mind when I was called for Naagin was, “Oh my god!” The next one was like, “I have to become thin now to look like a nice, hot naagin.” I was like, “Jasmin now you have to stop eating butter chicken and pizzas!”’

The actor has always been a fan of the Naagin series. ‘I think supernatural shows have a lot of fan following, and that’s why the seasons have been amazing. They have all got great, crazy TRPs. I think Naagin is the best supernatural fiction show on the tube at the moment,’ she says.

She adds, ‘I have grown up watching Balaji shows. I think Ekta Kapoor is the mother of television and fiction shows. She has given a completely different identity to our Indian television. I respect her a lot and, since a child, have looked up to her. I have always been inspired by her, and I was really happy and excited when I met her for the first time.’

Good luck, Jasmin!