Lajjo comes back in Bharadwaj house; Barkha trying to accept her in Gustakh Dil

Trishna has won the competition and our very simple Lajjo just waits to meet Nikhil in the backstage. Nikhil comes to meet her and hugs her as she has done what she said and proved to Barkha that she is not misfit to be her bahu. Nikhil gets Khanna’s call and Khanna asks him to leave the city, inorder to save his life, as his life is in danger. Nikhil is shocked and thinks the day when Lajjo and I were going to be together, but how should I tell Lajjo, I have to go far from her for her sake. Anjali says she has danced on the broken ghungroos and I m proud of you, you really deserve to win. Sagar says calm down, Mili is safe now.

Sagar is really very happy and says we will celebrate Lajjo’s victory today, no bad memories today. She says I took part in this competition to make my husband proud and my in laws accept me with love, why should I wait now. Sagar says just attend a press conference. Rancho meets Lajjo and gives her the award again. Lajjo laughs and they hug. Lajjo gets Nikhil’s letter that he has to go for some work and he is really sorry. Barkha wakes up in morning and thinks about Lajjo winning the competition. Lajjo brings the tea for her and Barkha is shocked seeing her at home. Lajjo says I trust Nikhil a lot, he is my love and its fine if he got busy and did not come to take me. Inder says this is your house, and you will not go anywhere. Lajjo misses Nikhil after thinking about their moments.

Barkha comes to Kabir and asks him to return her cheque as Trishna won. Kabir says that day was Trishna and no one could stop her that day. She says you played stupid trick of kidnapping a child and Sagar reached her. Kabir says he is a father who loves his daughter a lot, and can do anything. Sagar comes and Barkha is shocked seeing him. Kabir says congrats Sagar, you proved you are the real star maker. Sagar meets Barkha and Kabir tells Sagar that Barkha is Nikhil’s mum and Lajjo’s mum in law. Sagar is shocked. Sagar questions Barkha for why she went against Lajjo all the time and fell low to hurt her respect by the wardrobe malfunction trick. Barkha says yes, as I did not wish to come in my son’s life, as I feel she is not the right girl for my son, I know I could not stop her.

Sagar says you should be proud of her.Adhiraj asks Ayesha not to get involves in the court case and not come as the witness, but Ayesha can’t see him getting punished knowing he is innocent. Ravi and Nani come. Lajjo hugs Nani. Nani gives her the gift and says I knew you will win. Lajjo asks can I help you Mama ji, will you have whiskey on the rocks. Ravi looks shocked at her. Nikhil comes home and thinks why is the house decorated, was there any party. He sees his room beautifully decorated with candles and flowers. He then sees Lajjo and smiles. He holds her hand to see she is really here. He kisses her hand and she closes her eyes smiling. They say they love each other. He smiles and hugs her.

Lajjo lies down and he kisses her to have a romantic union after a very long time. Lajjo notices Nikhil getting tensed on small matters and sweating like sensing danger all the time. She gets worried for him and asks him the reason or is he hiding anything from her. Nikhil does not tell her thinking she may worry a lot. Lajjo sees a man taking Nikhil’s pics and does not understand the motive. She talks to Inder about it and he too shows his worry regarding Nikhil. Inder says I m worried for his job, I have a strange fear seeing him. Anjali comes to meet Sagar. Sagar is glad seeing her. He says my life is changed all of a sudden, I m getting many calls. He says everyone treats me like VIP, did you know Barkha is Lajjo’s mum in law.

Anjali says I was surprised, Barkha was against her and she fell so low to stop Lajjo from winning. He says this happened for good. Anjali explains Sagar that Lajjo got what she wanted, don’t expect anything, you will be hurt, she loves her husband a lot. Nikhil and Lajjo meet their friends. Lajjo gives their orders. Rancho thinks the last time when they came here Lajjo was an illiterate girl and now she is a rockstar. Ayesha gives the statement in the court and next morning, she gets in the headlines ruining her family name. Barkha and Inder are shocked and confront Ayesha. She admits to do this and says Adhiraj is innocent and she knows him as he is her friend. Barkha worries for the family name whereas Inder worries for Ayesha getting involved as witness in a murder case. What will Nikhil do to end the smuggling matter? Keep reading.

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