Surayya keen to make Zain announce his third talaaq to Aaliya and end their marriage in Beintehaa

The meeting starts and everyone is present. Zain and Surayya are upset seeing Aaliya. Aaliya attends Barkath Royale’s meeting and informs Surayya and her family that she is ready to accept 51% stake maher and alimony. Surayya taunts Aaliya and her parents. Aaliya says if anyone wants to ask her anything, she will be available in Usman’s cabin. She walks out while Zain and his whole family angrily look at her. Aaliya enters Usma’s cabin and promises Usman that she will not let him down. Rehan gives Zain a file and asks him to sign papers. He informs him that Aaliya is with him. Zain says he does not need anyone now and will let anyone also between his work.

Zain asks manager to bring the copy and asks him to arrange a meeting at conference hall. He thinks whatever Aaliya plans, he will ruin it. Aaliya thinks it is Zain’s old habit of back biting, she will ruin his plan in conference room. In business conference, Zain approves the business proposal, but Aaliya says she does not. Zain asks she cannot take decision. Aaliya says she is 51% take holder and has right to take decision. Zain thinks only 2 months are left and reminisces moulvi Saheb’s words. Aaliya gets Dr. Habeeb’s call who asks her to come home as Zara is ill and he is going to bring medicines for her. Aaliya tries to feed soup to Zara with Kabeer. Zara shows her mom’s pic. Aaliya wishes Rida’s pic and asks if she can sit in her place. Zara says she is allowed to sit and hugs her.

Rehan sees Aaliya taking care of Zara and sleeping next to her. Aaliya says Zara will be fine by next morningurayya says her sister is coming. Shaziya asks how did she born suddenly. Surayya says her sister stays abroad and is coming to meet her and asks Shaziya and Nafisa to behave well in front of her. Fahad and Zain attends their client’s party. Fahad says he took a right decision about accepting the proposal. Zain says Aaliya thinks he is wrong. Aaliya says she researched about Sunny Mehta who is famous for rave parties and had already celebrated his birthday 3 months ago, so she informed him about Sunny. Aaliya says she is not enemy and says she did not want to spoil Barkath Royale name and Usman’s hard work. Aaliya reaches conference hall and sees Rehan there. Surayya says police commissioner called her personally and congratulated her for catching rave party red-handed and said Aaliya is behind this bravery, so she is honoring Aaliya.

She asks Zain to apologize Aaliya for his misbehaviour. Zain apologizes her. Surayya asks everyone to clap for Aaliya and asks her to cut the cake. She asks a special guest to call and says Zain that it is 1 month since your dad’s funeral. Fahad brings kazi saheb/priest. Surayya asks Zain to repeat 2nd divorce. Zain repeats talaq twice while Aaliya cries. Surayya asks Aaliya if she liked her gift and asks her to have sweets. Zain slowly picks up the uneaten cake and recalls all the mishaps that occurred at the Jail cell and Usman’s death. The night approaches Zain is in his room and lost in thought once again, this was the second Talaaq given to Aaliya.

He remembers her coughing when Surraiya forcibly fed her the cake. He remembers the love notes he place on the mirror for Aaliya to read after Eid. He then finds the jar in which some of the notes were stored in. Scene changes and Aaliya raises her hands in dua and simultaneously Zain does the same. Aaliya helps Zara in her drawings and when she comes for her presentation, Zara’s drawings come instead of the project slides. Zain laughs. She then changes her speech and says this painting is an inspiration for her presentation and her project. Board members like it. Zain says her project is good, but looking at the value of land, we should make this hotel according to international standards and explains his proposal. Board members like his proposal also and clap for him.

One of board members say they both are perfect and should work on this project together. Zain and Aaliya look at each other and say they agree working together. Independence day celebrations start at Barkath Royale. Zain on the other side finds Holi Quran and reminisces Aaliya telling to find his answers in Quran. He reads it. Aaliya also on the other side reads Quran. Surayya sees Zain and asks if he is ready for his travel. Surayya says she promised him that whenever Aaliya goes from their life, she will stop wearing black clothes and says she wants him to promise her one thing. He promises and says he believes her. Will Zain say the third talaaq to Aaliya? Keep reading.