Lajjo gets admission in city college; Nikhil to get engaged with Ishaana in Gustakh Di

After Lajjo left Nikhil and came to Sonbarsa, the entire village showed pity on her as if she was left out by her husband and came to stay at her parent’s house. They gave her less sympathy and more taunts. Lajjo was determined that she will study further and make a mark. She was sure that even Nikhil wanted her to study and achieve her dreams. What if her marriage went wrong, will that mean her life will stop? No, her life is yet to be started. Lajjo tells her parents that she wants to study further and get admission in the village college. Her dad supports her and explains his wife that Lajjo’s decision is right and we should encourage her to go ahead as life is long.

Her dad tells her that he will not allow to study in village college, but in city college. Lajjo is very happy and her enthusiasm is on a high. He buys books for her and brings the college admission form. He takes her to the city and Lajjo gets the admission with ease as she was a bright student in her village. The villagers forgets Lajjo’s good deeds, the way she has helped and served the ill patients of Sonbarsa at the hour of need when the disease was spreading and many people were dying in the village. Lajjo was the one who did not care about her life and treated the patients with the contagious disease. She herself got the infection and when someone else needed the medicines, she gave her medicines to help them out thinking they deserve to be alive more than her. Such selfless is Lajjo.

Lajjo’s mum talks to Putti’s mum and tells her that Nikhil did not leave Nikhil, else he would have not come to save Lajjo and would have not brought medicines for her. She tells her that Lajjo left him as she was not getting love from him which a wife deserves from her husband, her self esteem was getting hurt and what was the use of staying in such a house where everyone thinks of getting rid of you. She tells her that Lajjo’s decision was absolutely right and she is good and can’t hurt anyone by forcing herself on Nikhil and her family. She tells her that Lajjo is studying now and will become a successful woman. She will get educated and make her own name. Putti’s mum is against all this and taunts her for making a mistake by sending Lajjo to the city as anything can happen in cities. Lajjo’s mum says she trusts her daughter and she knows how to take care of herself.

Lajjo’s dad picks and drops Lajjo at the bus stop and some me taunt him about spoiling every girl of the village. They say that Lajjo has not kept her marriage and wants to study now, what about the unmarried girls of the village, they don’t want to marry and want to go to the city to study, is Lajjo not spoiling everyone. Lajjo’s dad explains them what Lajjo did for the village and they should support her. The men don’t agree. Lajjo’s dad brings Lajjo’s books home. Some villagers burn Lajjo’s books in anger which shocks Lajjo and her family.

The village threaten Lajjo’s dad to stop educating Lajjo and asks him to bring Lajjo in the panchayat where the villagers asks Lajjo to tell what is her decision now. The sarpanch hears what the two parties have to say to make a decision. Lajjo tells them about her failed marriage and how she left Nikhil for his happiness. She says she wants to study for her happiness and make her dreams come true. She says her marriage failed as she was not Nikhil’s type and she was illiterate which made Nikhil not accept her. Nikhil wanted an educated wife and it was only because of this thing that Nikhil had refused to accept her. Everyone understands her point that education is not bad, it won’t harm anyone and will only benefit girls.

Nikhil starts missing Lajjo a lot and thinks about her almost every day and every moment, even if he is with Ishaana. He thinks what is the link that is not making him forget her. Lajjo also thinks about Nikhil and wants to get rid of his memories which are coming in her way. Nikhil is soon going to get engaged with Ishaana, he should be happy but his heart is somewhere else. Will Nikhil be able to realize his love in time or will he get engaged to Ishaana? Stay tuned to Gustakh Dil only on Life Ok.