Pakhi exposes Tanya’s real face infront of Anshuman in Tumhari Pakhi

This week was the last one for Tumhari Pakhi to air for 45 minutes show time. Tumhari Pakhi will be again 30 minutes from coming week. Tanya manipulated things, we know how far she can go to win the challenge. This time she went an extra step ahead and has put all the blame of wrong things happening in the house on poor Pakhi. While Anshuman blindly trusts Pakhi, he is sure that Pakhi will not do anything wrong to win the challenge as she has always played a fair game. Anshuman likes the way Pakhi answers Tanya stating herself right and whomsoever may be wrong, she does not care.

Pakhi decided to make Tanya’s manipulations and dirty games out to Anshuman. She fools Tanya that she will call the finger print experts and they can know who has thrown the food items outside the house. Tanya acts innocent and rushes to the spot to clean the hand marks. She tells to herself that Pakhi can never prove to Anshuman that it was she who has done all this. She is shocked to see Anshuman and Pakhi standing behind her watching and hearing her words accepting her crime. Pakhi scolds Tanya for falling so down and throwing away the food items, which she should respect as it is given by Lord to them.

Tanya taunts Pakhi and tells her that she will explain Anshuman everything and he will surely understand her. Tanya goes to talk to Anshuman and tells him the reason why she did that. She tells him that she wants him to win, and his victory is hers victory, they both want the same results, that Pakhi leaves the house and they can marry peacefully. She tells him that she was under pressure and wanted to show down Pakhi. She argues with Anshuman when he scolds her. Anshuman then gets fooled by her words and seeing her fake tears, he apologizes to her saying he will always support her and we wants her to win the challenge. He asks her not to do such things again and play a fair game as Pakhi.

Tanya runs short of money and thinks of using her ATM cards but when Pakhi comes to know about this, she cuts her ATM cards and gives it back to her. She asks Tanya not to use her dad’s money else she will lose the challenge today itself. Tanya thinks how did Pakhi come to know about this. Tanya goes to Lavanya’s house to get come money from her locker but Pakhi follows her there too. She stops her from stealing the money. Lavanya is pressurized and blackmailed by Vikram who asks her to spend a night with him else he will be revealing Anshuman and Pakhi, and her relation with Girish to the media. Lavanya has no option but to agree to him.

Lavanya records her statement and keeps the recorder near the phone. Pakhi gets to hear the recording and comes to know everything that Lavanya is in big problem. Tanya goes to Anshuman to ask money, but he does not give her any and asks her to manage on her own as it is a matter of only one day now. He tells her that he will support her morally and try to inspire her to win, but he will not cheat Pakhi by giving her money. Pakhi calls Girish and they go and save Lavanya from Vikram in the nick of the time when he started getting closer to Lavanya. Lavanya is thankful to Pakhi.

Vikram tells Girish that his sister is Naina’s mum and she loved Girish. But Girish has cheated her and left her for Lavanya, who can never give him a child. He tells him that he wanted to take revenge from him by using Lavanya. Vikram gets arrested by the police. Lavanya and Girish unite with love and all their misunderstanding and anger is gone. Pakhi asks them to live a happy married life and take good care of Naina. Tanya is hoping to win as the last day of the challenge has come. She asks the servants not to make any mistake today and help her win.

Pakhi and Anshuman does the Ghungher puja which is done by husband and wife. Even Lavanya and Girish accompany them. Tanya gets jealous seeing Anshuman and Pakhi happy together. Ayaan prays to the Lord to always keep him with Pakhi and he never wishes to lose her. Pakhi prays for Ayaan and Anshuman’s happiness. Anshuman sees them praying and is happy that it looks a perfect small family. Who will win the challenge and stay in Anshuman’s house and life? What will be Anshuman’s final decision about Pakhi? Stay tuned to your favorite show Tumhari Pakhi only on Life Ok at 9.30 pm.