Lajjo leaves Nikhil in Gustakh Dil

This week has been splendid when it comes to Life Ok’s prime time show Gustakh Dil. This week has aired the Special Maha Episodes of the show from 27th January to 31st January. The Maha Episodes were rocking and has a special showcase where Lajjo left Nikhil forever. The male protagonist Nikhil Bharadwaj in Gustakh Dil is a sweet, charming and sensible person but his innocence sometimes limits him from seeing the truth of Lajjo. He misses out to see and realize Lajjo’s love for him.

The female lead Lajjo is a remarkable personality who is strong and determined. She has will and definite hope which makes her an outstanding girl. She deals with everyone in the family with love. Lajjo is beautiful, innocent, down to earth and a girl with a pure heart. She is not scheming like Ishaana. Ishaana is a confident girl who believes she will get Nikhil by any way. Ishaana loves Nikhil and Nikhil loves her too, but is her love true. Is her really deserving Nikhil? Even Lajjo loves Nikhil, her love is pure which expects nothing from the one she loves.

Kunal, Ishaana’s friend is in love with Ishaana. It’s a good love circle formation, not a love triangle. Ishaana is fooling Kunal as she is forced by her mum to marry Kunal. Kunal is strong headed and is always against Nikhil. He thinks Nikhil has always cheated Ishaana and hurts her which he can’t bear to see. Kunal is caring man who really loves Ishaana. Kunal’s dad and Ishaana’s mum fixes Kunal and Ishaana’s marriage. Kunal happily agrees and Ishaana is forced by her mum to agree.

Ishaana agrees after talking to Barkha and Nani. Barkha asks Ishaana to go ahead and get engaged with Kunal just to make Nikhil jealous. Barkha thinks Nikhil will feel insecure and realize that he is going to lose Ishaana forever and decide to leave Lajjo and marry Ishaana. Ishaana schemes against Lajjo and agrees with Barkha for marrying Kunal.

Kunal is happy that Ishaana is ready to marry him. He does not know whats in Ishaana’s mind. When Nikhil comes to know about Ishaana getting married to Kunal, he could not believe that he is going to lose his childhood sweetheart. He gets angry on Lajjo and scolds her for being in his life and creating troubles for him. He says I hate you, I hate the day when you came in my life. Why the hell did you come in my life, I hate the day when I got married to you. Lajjo is hurt by Nikhil’s words and realizes that Nikhil is regretting his marriage with her and she has come in between him and his love Ishaana.

Lajjo takes a firm decision that for the sake of Nikhil’s happiness, she will leave Nikhil forever and exit from his life. She talks to Barkha about her decision and Barkha can’t control her happiness. Barkha is bowled over by Lajjo’s goodness but at the same time, she wants Lajjo to leave. Lajjo asks Barkha for Ishaana’s address and goes to meet Ishaana. Lajjo gives her sindoor to Ishaana and tells her that Nikhil was always yours and will be always yours. She says that she is leaving Nikhil forever and asks her to marry Nikhil and keep him happy always. Ishaana is shocked to know this. Lajjo leaves a letter for Nikhil and without talking to him leaves from the house for her village with Samrat.

Samrat is also going to the village to end his dispute with his father and sister. He holds himself responsible for what happened with his sister’s marriage. Samrat and Lajjo reach the village and Lajjo’s parents are shocked to see Lajjo. Lajjo lies to them and does not tell them that she has come to them leaving Nikhil forever. Lajjo’s mum is happy that she would be getting some time to spend with her daughter. Barkha prepares the divorce papers for Nikhil and Lajjo. Samrat apologizes to his father and sister Anu.

Ishaana and Nikhil patch up soon after Lajjo leaves. When Kunal meets Ishaana, he shows her an engagement ring and makes her wear it. Nikhil sees this and is much annoyed. Ishaana tries to win him back but Nikhil leaves. Kunal on seeing that Ishaana does not love him and has been only using him, slaps Ishaana. He breaks his friendship with Ishaana and leaves. Will Nikhil realize that Lajjo really loves him? Will Nikhil give divorce to Lajjo and marry Ishaana? Stay tuned and watch this space for more updates.