Chandrika fooling everyone of her blindness in Sanskaar

Jai and Dhara have come back from their honeymoon. Soon after this track ended, Chandrika, the vamp who is always against the Vaishna family, became the heart of the show. The current track focuses on her. She was been hit by Jai’s car when Jai was driving rashly to scare Dhara of the speed. He did not know that it was Chandrika who came under his car. He felt guilty and had bear all the expenses of her treatment. Soon Chandrika tells everyone that she is not able to see anything. Everyone are shocked to know that Chandrika has become blind.

Chandrika has no place to live as her sons have abandoned her. She talks to Jai and grows pity in his heart as he is the one responsible for her state. Jai asks Ansubaa to give a place to Chandrika to stay in their house. Ansubaa agrees only because to keep up Jai’s words. Jai promises Chandrika that he will take good care of her if she stay in his house infront of their eyes so that he they assure her of saving her from every risks. Chandrika happily gets ready to share a place in their house. Jai forgets everything what Chandrika did with him and makes a new start with a clean heart.

Jai is a humble person with no objective to hurt anyone. But on the contrary, Chandrika entered the house with an aim to ruin the Vaishnav family. She thinks of using Dipika against Jai and Dhara to ruin their marriage. She thinks Dipika is the spark that can ignite fire and burn the entire Vaishnav family. If Jai is ruined, the family will mourn about him and break thus losing out to her. Hasmukh is the only one in the family who suspects Chandrika is lying about being blind and fooling everyone.

He thinks of bringing her truth out by making her face different odd situations. He takes Ramila’s support to outdo Chandrika. Chandrika comes to know about this and is clever enough to show him down. Chandrika makes him fail in his every attempt and makes him believe that she is really blind. Hasmukh after all the drama, still does not believe that Chandrika can change and become so good. He calls a carpenter and asks him to cut the railing of the first floor.

He asks Ramila to scare Chandrika of lizards so that she can come running towards the railing, and upon seeing its broken, stops to save her life. Ramila obeys Hasmukh and does as he said. She scares Chandrika of lizards and Chandrika runs out of her room. She gets hit by the wall and falls off the floor. Hasmukh is at the time is recording her act in his mobile phone. Hasmukh is shocked to see that Chandrika fell and she is really blind and could not see the broken railing. He starts believing in her that she has really changed.

When the entire family comes to know about Hasmukh’s act, all of them shower their anger on him. Hasmukh and Ramila are regretting what they did. Chandrika gets severely hurt and this shocks Jai who has taken her responsibility. Jai feels bad that he could not keep his promise. Jai and the family yells on Hasmukh and Ramila and asks them to apologize to Chandrika sitting on their knees. Hasmukh and Ramila apologizes to Chandrika. Chandrika acts sweets and easily forgives them which make the family think that she has turned good towards them. Jai is happy seeing Chandrika’s big heart.

Everyone start caring for Chandrika. When everyone leaves her alone, Chandrika closes the room and talks to herself in the mirror. She has not changed a bit and had not become blind. She is the same Chandrika, who hates Ansubaa and her family. She plans to take revenge from Jai and Dhara who has always showed her and her sons down. Meanwhile, Dipika is not leaving any chance to taunt Dhara. Dhara and Jai are getting closer. Jai feels that Dhara did not marry him for money and she really cares for him. Jai can’t give her Bhoomi’s place but Dhara is surely making a space for herself in his heart. The two vamps Dipika and Chandrika, if they unite they can create big troubles for the family. How will Jai and Dhara fight all obstacles? Will Chandrika’s truth be known to Ansubaa and Jai? Stay tuned and keep reading.