Lajjo taking big risk to prove Nikhil innocent; Barkha trying to separate Nikhil and Lajjo in Gustakh Dil

Ranawat catches Lajjo in his study room and she gets tensed as he starts questioning her. She smartly fools him by her non stop talk and making him confused. He asks her not to come again in his study room. He corrects the things kept on table and says I can sense who came in my room seeing the things kept in my room. She breaks a vase and he gets angry asking her do you know its price. She keeps the mic bug there and leaves. Nikhil comes to meet Khanna and acts cool as ever. He says if there is no way to run, then I will work all by my heart and its good earnings here. Khanna asks does he want any increment.

Nikhil says no, such a big office and a big smuggling racket with big names involved, but the way is old, outdated and boring. He fools Khanna in his words. Nikhil says find some smarter ways. Nikhil says I will tell Ranawat, as you will take the credit. Lajjo stays safe at Ranawat’s house. Miss Roy says this happens, she has to keep the device so that they can hear well. Nikhil says Lajjo won’t go here again. Lajjo says she will go for his sake. Lajjo thinks where to keep the bug so that voice can be clear. The dog comes and barks. Lajjo gets tensed. Ranawat comes and is angry seeing things disturbed.

Ranawat senses something unusual and asks an inspection officer to check his house. He gets the mic bug and fumes on all servants. Barkha plays a game again to separate Nikhil and Lajjo. She tears Nikhil’s invitation card and makes Lajjo go alone. Lajjo gets Nikhil’s card by calling Sagar. She asks Nikhil to accompany her. They go in the event, but Barkha steals Nikhil’s new card and makes him stuck at the entrance. Nikhil is insulted by the guards and comes home angry. Lajjo comes home and asks where was he. He gets angry on her and they both have an argument. Barkha hears it and is glad.

Lajjo dances in the room to make Nikhil happy. She hugs him. He finally gives up his anger and smiles. The CBI discusses about the bug, that Ranawat has got the bug. Amit says Trishna might be in risk, I will save her. DK says she will be with her husband now. Miss Roy says call her, we have to tell her. DK says our plan will be flopped. Lajjo comes to know that bug is found. Ranawat questions Lajjo about the mic bug. She gets tensed. The manager says a gardener also joined two days back. Ranawat asks what will he do in my room. Ranawat doubts on Lajjo and asks her to stay till the talk ends. Lajjo denies and says she is in kitchen.

Ayesha is upset and Lajjo talks to her. Lajjo acts funny and makes Ayesha smile. Ayesha thanks her for understanding her and praises Lajjo for always smiling despite so many ups and downs in her life. The tea vendor says Ayesha that Adhiraj is busy in court case and is not coming often. She thinks about Adhiraj and is sad. He gives her tea and she takes it. Adhiraj comes there and sees her having tea alone. He says Ayesha you. She asks him to sit somewhere else, but don’t fight, I m not here for you. He asks how are you. She asks him, how do I look. I feel lonely at home. I come out to take a breath in free air. He says I can understand how it feels to stay in such rich homes. He holds her hand and she looks at him. Lajjo tells the servant that how can they doubt on her, she won’t do the job here. Lajjo gets Nikhil’s message asking is everything fine, he heard there is some problem. She messages she is fine.

Khanna comes to meet Ranawat and says about new cook, she is right as the bug device is kept by the gardener. Ranawat asks who will he come inside the house. Khanna says I m sure as the gardener has run away from the job, and his name is also wrong. Ranawat asks why did he not have police verification before hiring him. Khanna says I did, but his papers were fake. Ranawat says he does not trust Lajjo, keep an eye on her. Khanna thinks about Nikhil’s words and talks to Ranawat. Barkha and Inder have an argument about Ayesha.

She talks about her marriage and Inder does not agree as marriage is not a solution, she needs us. She says Ayesha is herself responsible for this. Lajjo as Trishna goes in a party and Ranawat too comes there. The people talk to Lajjo and takes her autographs. She is shocked seeing Ranawat there. She hides from him, but he bumps into her. Will Lajjo’s truth come out that she is spying on Ranawat? Keep reading.

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