Pakhi retrieves the bank account password; Veer and Anuja still planning to bring Aryaman back home in Tumhari Pakhi

Ayaan hides from Pakhi that he is participating in the talent hunt and risking his life in the dangerous stunt. Pakhi reminds him his promise that he will not hide anything. Aditya comes to meet Ayaan. Aditya greets Pakhi and lies to her that he is his senior and coaching Ayaan on football as he is the cricket captain of the team. Aditya gives an energy drink to Ayaan, and Pakhi brings the haldi milk. Veer tells Anuja what can we do now, Pakhi got the blueprints and the meetings went well, just let it be. Anuja cries missing out Aryaman. He says we can do one thing, as relations matter a lot to Pakhi, its her strength, if we make it her weakness then.

Anuja says yes, she can die for her relations. Anuja says yes, Aryaman has to come home once, she will forgive him, everything will be fine. IT dept people come to talk to Anuja. Anuja comes and they ask about her companies, as they came to know she is in defaulter list and she has to pay 25 crores. Veer has called them fool Pakhi and ask her to pay the money by freeing Aryaman. . Pakhi stops them and asks Veer to do anything. Veer says we can’t stop them, its just interrogation. They ask Pakhi to bring Rs 25 crores in six hours and free Anuja. r. They say Anuja has confessed and it will be criminal case on her.

Pakhi says she will pay the tax with fine. They ask Pakhi to bring Rs 25 crores in six hours and free Anuja. They say she can even go to jail. Lavanya scolds Pakhi and says you don’t worry for my mum, as you are not our blood. She says mum told me everything, and I supported you, I thought you will come out of this, but I was wrong, you are still at that point. She says I can’t see my mum like this. She says my one brother died and you have sent the other in jail, he went to save Ayaan, Anshuman’s death was an accident, Aryaman lost his identity agreeing to you, and you brought your anger on him.

Pakhi agrees to bail out Aryaman. Veer feels bad as Lavanya blames Pakhi for everything she has not done. Veer feels guilty. Pakhi and Veer are on the way. Veer says I understand, its not easy for you, I can understand your helplessness. Pakhi says no, we are doing deeds, I trust my Lord, he will take me to right path. Pakhi gets Ayaan’s bag and his maths book. She gets the password hint and tries it. The account gets unlocked and she gets access to the money, without freeing Aryaman. Anuja comes home getting free, and they celebrate Janmashtami. Pakhi comes to know Ayaan went in talent hunt and runs to save him from the risky stunt.

She reaches on time and stops him. She brings him home and scolds him a lot for lying and cheating her. She says I should have died with Anshuman. Ayaan hugs her and says don’t say this, I lied to you, cheated, I m very bad. He says you give me punishment, but don’t leave me, dad also went. He says he went in competition to help her in money, as she needed money to give Vaswani, he did this to help her. Veer feels very bad as he made this situation infront of Ayaan. He says sorry, forgive me. Pakhi hugs him and cries. She says who told you I need money, no Ayaan, the problem was for few days, its fine now.

Ayaan dresses in traditional clothes and does the puja. Veera gets a courier. He reads the letter which has notice for non bailable remand. He takes Anuja to talk and show her the court notice that they can’t bail out Aryaman now. Anuja cries. Veer and Anuja try to influence Ayaan and make him talk to Pakhi about Aryaman. He says your mum should have someone to share her problems. Ayaan says mum and dad used to take for hours and share everything, now she does not. Veer says its tough to live life alone, everyone needs life partner.

Veer reminds him about Aryaman. Ayaan asks Pakhi does she miss dad. Pakhi says no, he is always with me. Ayaan says its said time changes everything. She says yes, bad memories goes, we forget it, but good memories always stays with us, shows us right way and encourages us, like your dad, he helps me and makes me strong. Ayaan tells Veer that Maa loves dad a lot and she does not need anyone now. Veer looks on. Ayaan says what you told me, I thought a lot, your theory is wrong, elders teach us to be independent, you taught people should be dependent, sorry my mum does not need any life partner.

Pakhi is excited about Ayaan’s birthday and Veer helps her out. Pakhi and Anuja have an argument over Aryaman again. Pakhi is adamant that she will not let Aryaman enter her house, as he is their enemy. What will Anuja and Veer do now to make Aryaman come back home? Keep reading.

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