Life OK

Alka and Vrinda plan to make Astha admit the truth of her pregnancy. Rohan asks Alka did Astha tell anything. Alka says no, I was standing outside her room, but she did no say, I m feeling bad to play this games. Rohan says we should explain her in her way, but why is Astha insecure, she has everything. He gets Shastri ji’s call and says he called us, about annulment matter. They reach Sareen home and meet everyone. Rohan gives the annulment papers. Rajat says stop wasting time, I won’t sign, and not even Anu. Alka says Anu has already signed on it. Rajat is shocked and says no, you both are lying, she can’t sign, you are saying so that I sign on it. He asks Minty is this her idea.

Minty says see Anu’s sign. Rajat takes the papers and sees Anu’s signs. Rohan says its Anu’s decision, no one forced her. Rajat refuses to sign and leaves. Neil calls his friend Bobby and asks him to see the girl passing by him. Bobby sees Devyaani. Neil says she is the one, I will tell you what to do, first send something in her praising, then trouble her, I will save her to make an impression, Bobby agrees and starts sending flirty chits to Devyaani. He compliments her and she starts liking his letters. Rajat makes Anu get the job by recommending her, so that he can meet her. He thinks he knows Anu has signed papers, but she still loves me.

Anu thinks its tough to get away from Rajat, but she has to do this job, maybe it can help her in coming out of his memories. Shastri ji feels unwell and faints on the road infront of a car. A guy Veer comes to him and asks uncle are you fine. He takes him to hospital and Anu comes there. She thinks he did his accident, and scolds him. The doctor comes and praises Veer to get Shastri ji on time. Shastri ji says yes, he has left his work for me. Anu thanks Veer and he starts liking her. She takes her dad home and forgets her purse. Veer keeps it and smiles. Bhatia sees Anu working very well. He messages Rajat.

Anu tells him that she made all notes. He says I m impressed with your job, its perfect. He says defense officers are coming for evaluation, to know how they are committed to work, you make them notes as well. Anu says fine. He gets a call and says fine, send him. Rajat comes and looks at Anu. Rajat greets her and she is shocked. She makes notes for him, and he teases her. She asks is he going through any stress recently. Rajat says yes, my wife has left me, you tell me, am I bad. She says maybe she has left you for her own bad things.

Rajat jokes and my wife is very nice, please make me fine, since my wife has gone, I m staying in depression. She says I m sorry, I m not doctor, I m intern, I can’t help you. Alka scares Astha and makes her admit that she is not pregnant. The family gets against Astha and Astha plans revenge on Alka. Rajat is irritated by much horns by the car behind him. Minty asks him not to fight with anyone. He is shocked its Veer, his college friend and hugs him. They both are very happy and Minty smiles seeing Rajat happy after a long time. Bobby calls Devyaani in college library and she goes to meet the guy to know who is he.

Bobby says the shayari and flirts with her. She asks who is he. He says I know everything about you, and I know you want to know about me, you started liking me right. He starts molesting her and she cries. Neil calls her and she shouts for help. Neil reaches the place and saves Devyaani. Rohan shows Veer’s pic to Shastri ji. Shastri ji asks is this Veer, he took me to hospital and Anu scolded him. Alka says its coincidence, maybe its Lord’s sign to say yes to him. Shastri ji says I like him, take talk ahead. Alka says we should talk to Anu once. Shastri ji says yes, but don’t know how to start. Veer comes to meet Shastri ji and returns Anu’s purse. Anu comes there drying her hair and Veer sees her.

Veer’s mum sees Anu’s pic and likes her. Veer says I have also seen one, you reject her, when you meet my choice, you will like her. They bet about Anu not knowing its Anu they both are talking about. Astha starts troubling Rohan financially and hurts Alka. Rajat makes Anu agree to meet him, and is glad that she is coming to meet me. He feels Anu still loves me. Anu says we have to get separated and asks him to sign the annulment papers. Rajat gets sad and shocked. What will Rajat do to unite with Anu? Will Anu agree to marry Veer? Keep reading.