Madhu forgives RK by heart; Bhanu kidnaps Madhu asking RK to give 30 crores ransom in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK talks to Bhabhi and clears her doubt of that night. He says I was not in my senses, I was drunk, Bhanu mixed some tablet in my drink and I lost my senses.He gets worried for Madhu and asks her what happened to her. Bhabhi does not tell him as she promised Madhu, but he asks her to keep her hand on his head and swear on him. Bhabhi says Madhu is pregnant. He gets very happy and thanks the Lord. He breaks this news to everyone and Dau ji is very happy. Madhu thinks of the rape. Madhu talks to Kanha and says you took my tests always, but this is the tough one. She says I know only you have right to kill someone, but how can I give birth to this child, I can’t love this child ever, whenever I will see him, I will see RK’s crime.

She thinks to abort the child and talks to her doctor. Bhabhi hears this and gets worried. Madhu is angry and says Kanha showed me the right way, now you all know I m pregnant, so know it that I m aborting this child. RK stops her and says I know its your right on this baby more than me, you can give birth or kill it, I swear I will not touch gun ever, and will never hurt anyone, I swear on my child. I will throw all guns and then won’t do any wrong work, this is my promise. Madhu goes to the temple and a saint tells her past how her mum saved her and whats the importance of giving birth.

Madhu realizes her mistake and comes back home. She tells RK that she will give birth to the baby. Agni plans to call Bhanu home to kidnap or kill Madhu and convinces Dau ji to keep a Godh Bharai function. Bhabhi asks Madhu to start a new life with RK, as he has really changed and regrets his mistake. Madhu agrees and says I have one condition. Dau ji asks what. Madhu covers Bhabhi with Red dupatta shocking everyone.Bhabhi cries and says this can’t happen. Madhu gives a good lecture to everyone and finally convinces Dau ji with RK’s help. Madhu says now she is ready to forgive RK and sit in the function as his wife. RK asks her to forgive him by heart else he will wait all lifetime.

Madhu smiles feeling love for him. Bhanu bribes the inspector and runs from the jail. He calls Agni and says he is coming. Madhu thinks Bhabhi came to her and speaks her heart out about RK. Madhu says he did not get parent’s love, so maybe he does not know the meaning of love, no one explained him, I know RK killed Abhay as he was troubling me, he fought with Bhanu as he was ill treating me, I m sorry, how will you know, you were not there, I really feel I saw love in RK’s eyes, he has always helped me, don’t know what happened to him that night.

RK says Bhanu mixed tablet in the wine and I lost my senses so I did that big mistake. Madhu is shocked seeing him and he leaves. He is glad knowing Madhu thinks so good about him. Madhu wears the red saree given by him and sits in the function. Bhanu enters and knowing that RK will not lift gun again, he beats him a lot and kidnaps Madhu and keeps her at Leela’s house. RK is severely hurt and asks his men to find out Bhanu. He comes to know Bhanu is at Leela’s house. Bhanu calls RK and asks for Rs 30 crores ransom if he wants to save his child. Dau ji agrees to pay him, as he wants his heir back. RK says no need to pay him, I will go myself and free Madhu. Agni informs Bhanu that RK is coming to him.

Bhanu says it is his trap and he wants to capture RK too, so let him come, I m waiting for him. Madhu says he will come here and free me. Bhanu says lets see your love wins or me. RK thinks he won’t break his promise, he will win by his love and passion, without lifting guns.RK breaks the door and gets in and they have a fight. Bhanu urges RK to lift the gun but he does not. Madhu is glad and her trust wins on RK. RK says I have named my life to Madhu.Will RK be able to free Madhu from Bhanu? Keep reading.