Anshuman brings Pakhi home; Aryaman Rathore, his younger brother with same looks enters the show in Tumhari Pakhi

Pakhi asks Anshuman to tale her back home, as she does not want to take part in competition and just want to be a happy family with him and Ayaan, if I win, then I will lose my love. He says self esteem is my Pakhi’s beauty and commitments is her trait, I can’t take you like this, promise me you will try to win the competition. He says promise me that you will give your best tomorrow and no one will blame my Pakhi. She says no, I don’t want to keep any contract. She says but you have to promise me that as we left everything on Lord then we will wish to complete this relation, I want to be yours by heart and soul. Anshuman and Pakhi have some romantic moments.

He kisses her forehead and she surrenders herself to him. They get closer and intimate. They consummate their marriage in Singapore. Girish is upset with Lavanya and Anuja, as they feel he is not taking care of her. He speaks out his heart to Lavanya that her mum has taken his place and she no longer needs him, Anuja hears this and Girish apologizes to her. She realizes her mistake too. Girish says good news, my manager called and said he found good clues about Deepak. So I will leave for Rajasthan and I will bring Deepak. Pakhi gets ready for the final round and thinks about Anshuman’s words.

The puppet show of Dhola Maaru starts. Rohan and Pakhi manage the puppets. It’s a story of love, uniting, separating and then final union. The marks of the team is 300 and it’s a tie with team JapanThe winner is declared as Team Japan. Rohan is shocked whereas Pakhi is happy. Pakhi meets Anshuman and says I want to go to my Ayaan. Anshuman says lets go. Rohan stops them and says you can’t take Pakhi like this, she cheated me. Rohan asks them to come home and shows Anuja. Pakhi is shocked to know she is Anshuman’s mum. Anuja says Anshuman is my son, I m his mum. I m Devki Rathore.

Anuja hugs Pakhi. Rohan says Anshuman became more pure now. Rohan says I manipulated all this, to test Anshuman’s love. Anuja says how Anshuman went through all tests, this proves he really loves you Pakhi. Rohan says sorry Pakhi. Anshuman thanks Rohan and says I m jealous to see a good friend with Pakhi. Rohan says we are also friends and hugs Anshuman. Anshuman, Pakhi and Anuja come back home in Shimla. Anuja asks them to wait at the door as she will do the aarti. Anshuman and Pakhi get romantic and kiss. Ayaan comes there and closes his eyes seeing them kiss.

He teases them. Anuja and everyone do the aarti and make her grah pravesh also. She plan to pull Pakhi and Anshuman’s leg by showing them Anshuman’s look alike Aryaman, his younger brother. There is lots of confusion between them as they wear same clothes. Pakhi and Anshuman are shocked seeing him. Anuja says I did not know his name, I thought its Deepak, but your dad named him Aryaman, he has sent him to Anaath Ashram, as he doubted me for this child. She says Girish himself brought him, we were shocked seeing him, if your dad saw him, I would have been proved innocent.

Girish gives Aryaman’s file to Anshuman and hugs him.He changes his look and shows his moustache. At night, Anuja and Pakhi discuss to make Aryaman get married. They go to talk to him and see him stealing in the study room. Anshuman comes there and says yes, he is a thief. He did this many times before. Anuja asks how do you know, who told you. Anshuman says Girish gave me his file, which has all documents, about his going to jail and releasing. Pakhi says maybe he went on wrong path being alone and without a family, but now everything will be fine, he will need time to adjust.

Anshuman says Pakhi is right, he did not get guidance, we all will guide him now. Anshuman talks to Aryaman and explains him to stop doing wrong things, but Aryaman laughs. Lavanya brings some guests to meet Aryaman and consider him for their daughters. They ask is he single or married in childhood. They ask them to do the DNA test and know he is real Rathore or not. Lavanya says we have proof, his birth certificate. Aryaman gets angry. Pakhi says people did not know him before, so they are questioning him, we can do the test. Anuja says no need, we will get many proposals. Aryaman says I m ready for this test. Is Aryaman really Anshuman’s brother or just his look alike? Keep reading.

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