Maya and Rudra land in Swami’s ji ashram in Mahakumbh

Swami ji hires Pandey and his goons to find Rudra and kill Maai Mui. Maai says I have left everything after you died, and then Rudra came and I started living, I don’t know he has much burden on his heart, he is Lord’s avatar, I don’t want him to stay in cemetery. Rudra comes and asks why, this cemetery gave me life, this is my home. Maai says I have a wish, that you take home on rent, get married and I play with your kids, when I die, you do my last rites. Rudra says enough. Maai asks can’t I joke, who do I have expect you, you love me so much. She sends him to Maya. He sees Yadav goons angrily. The goons see the anger on his face. Yadav says he has come for this girl. The goons gather to beat Rudra.

Rudra beats them all cleanly and with less efforts, with all smart moves and still keeping angry expressions on his face. He looks at Yadav. Yadav sees all goons fallen. Rudra walks to him. Rudra slaps him which shakes his vision. Rudra beats him up. He sees some goons after Maai’s life and runs to save her. Maai comes to an open place and falls down. The men catch her and aim trishuls at her. She is stunned seeing them. They kill her. Pandey comes there and Pandey tells Maai that he will kill her to get peace. Maai is in her last breath and Rudra talks to her. Rudra and Maya rush to rescue Maai Mui but they fail to save her. He agrees to Maya to go Allahabad with her.

Rudra looks on. Mai Mui’s death leaves them traumatized. Rudra learns about Pandey’s misdeed. Rudra recalls Maai’s last words and Udiya’s death was to save him. He recalls Pandey’s name. The scene shifts to Poland. Grierson says its time to leave now Shivanand, I knew you will bend one day, all Indians are so emotional. Shivanand says emotions are our strength. He shows Rao’s statements. Grierson asks about the protectors, and how they look, and how will they find the Amrit. . Shivanand thinks he has spend 24 years here but I m coming to meet you my son. Rudra and Maya leave in the boat. he priest tells Shivanand that he is going home after 24 hours, he respects that he did not break by their torture.

Shivanand says it was commendable what you tried on me. Swami initiates the Mahakumbh by playing the Shank. Rudra and Maya leave for Allahabad an come to train station. Shivanand is being brought India. Swami makes a flag fly. Rudra is in train and recalls Maai’s love for him, and her care towards him always. He cries recalling Maai and then Udiya, and his childhood years spent with them. He recalls their deaths and how he has done their last rites.Rao calls Charles and says I have given you a girl’s pic, she is coming to Allahabad by train, just steal her luggage. Charles says don’t worry, send me details and job will be done. Rao sends the details. Charles fools te girl Katherine and steals her bag.

Maya goes to Rudra and asks him to get over this, how long will be suppress the burden in his heart. Rudra says till I get revenge for Maai Mui’s death. A man is scared and says Thapadiya Maai. She slaps Katherine, and scolds her speaking in foul language. The TT says this means Thapadiya. She goes to slap Maya. Rudra holds her hand and looks in her eyes. Thapadiya Maai moves Maya and sits beside Rudra. Katherine says please help me, the bag has my passport. Rudra stops Charles and a chase begins in the train. Charles falls and Rudra catches him. They fight. Charles pulls his shirt and sees the sign on his back. He says wait, you are my friend, wait. Rudra beats him. Charles asks did he not identify him.

He takes his wallet and Rudra is about to kick him, and stops seeing the half note. He recalls his friend Charles and the half note. Charles asks did you identify the Hamilton Papa, Mahabali Rudra, and gives his hand. Rudra holds his hand and hugs him. Rudra says you are still in wrong things. Charles says I missed you a lot, everything will be fine now as I got my friend. He says don’t trap friend for a girl, and runs with the bag. Katherine says what will I do without my bag. Maya takes them all with her to Swami ji’s place. He greets him saying Mama ji, and Rudra looks on. Swami ji is glad seeing Rudra. Will Rudra find out about the Mahakumbh secret? Keep reading.