Anu proves herself innocent and leaves Rajat’s home in Shastri Sisters

Astha tries to tell Bua ji that Alka is supportive of Anu, and she should apologize to them for Anu’s wrong doings. Alka gets hurt as Bua ji believes Astha. But Rohan comes to Alka’s rescue and says if Anu is at fault, she will apologize, not Alka. Vrinda says Rohan is right, Alka is here with us to take care of us and Karishma, she did not go to Anu. Astha says great, you became a good son in law, you will say Anu does not need to apologize. Rohan says no, I will say Anu has to apologize, she did wrong, she should be punished. Alka says if reason is right behind wrongly done work, is it wrong. Bua ji asks what.

Alka says Anu can never be wrong, she can’t hurt anyone. Astha says but she did this. Vrinda asks Alka to calm down. Alka says fine, if its proved that Anu did mistake, I will apologize and accept the punishment.anu and everyone think how to prove about the CD and think to find the clue in Rajat’s room. Neil says I was recording that day when you and Karishma has fight, I saw Rajat working on CD that day and next day he went to head quarters, mum called me to come for shopping, and I left laptop on, I was making video to cheer up Devyaani. They check the laptop and get the recording.

They see its Karishma in Anu’s getup and are shocked. Neil says we got the proof. Anu happily cries. She says this truth deserves to be shown to everyone in group, as police came infront of everyone, and Sareen and Rajat lost respect. Everyone come in the new year party. Minty welcomes the guests and says Karishma that its her house. Astha talks to Karishma and goes. Devyaani tells Neil that she did the work, and shows him. Neil sees the video. Karishma and Astha see through window. They make sound and Neil and Devyaani go out. Karishma and Astha see the recording and delete it happily.

Astha tells Karishma about being sure of deleting video, as they can show the video in the screen. Karishma says the face will be shown of shastri sisters, and that too upset. Devyaani addresses all the guests and welcomes them. For the dance and play program they kept. Neil, Devyaani and Peeya do the play as Rajat, Ansuhka and Karishma, and explain everyone. They show the recording too. Karishma and everyone are shocked to see Karishma is the mastermind behind all problems. Everyone is shocked seeing its Karishma. nu says what did you think Karishma, we will not keep the recording backup.

Devyaani says Karishma stole the CD and kept in Anu’s cupboard, and then when Anu went to talk to her, she has kidnapped Anu with the help of guards. She asks Lalit did he teach them this, what will be Karishma’s punishment. Lalit says Anushka Shastri, I will show you whats crime, if anyone hurts me and my daughter, then that’s crime. Karishma says I want to keep Rajat with me, so I did this. I want Rajat. Bua ji slaps Karishma and apologizes to Shastri ji and Alka for being wrong and blaming Anu.

She cries and says she lost the right to talk to her as elder, forgive me. Alka says no, if your right ends, I will lose my right to ask your love and blessings. Bua ji says you won my heart twice and got my everything, you have right on my love, Shastri ji gave you good values, I wish I had given this values to my daughter Karishma. Bua ji says its time she also leaves now. I want to bring my daughter on right path, and make Lalit realize the truth of life. She asks them not to get sad, as she will come back if she gets any good news. She asks Alka to give good news of a little daughter, or a boy like Rohan.

Anu packs her bag and tells Sareen that she will leave from here. She gives the broken mangalsutra to Rajat and says she is returning it to him, he should decide what to do with it. She says I thought love is special relation and its happiness to have someone with you, and difficulties look simple, and only we can trust and no doubt. She says I felt all this when I met Rajat, why did he not have this feelings. She cries and asks Rajat why did he doubt her when CD was stolen, she did not know what to do and find out the culprit, she was sure that Rajat did not do any mistake in it, why don’t you feel this about me.

Rajat asks don’t you love me? Anu cries and asks do you still need to ask me, I love you a lot, but not on the price of my self esteem. Shastri ji takes Anu home. Rajat says let her go, maybe she is happy going from here. Sareen says she was not happy, she would be happy if you stopped her, you did big mistake by not stopping her. Will Rajat apologize to Anu and bring her home? Keep reading.