Minty doubts Rajat and Anushka to be in love; Alka open challenges Astha in Shastri Sisters

Anushka is love struck by Rajat and smiles. Devyaani sees her lost in thoughts and is angry on her. Alka manages the situation. Devyaani says she loves Rajat. Alka says why is she jealous, Anushka is her sister and she is least interested in him. Anushka asks Devyaani not to be annoyed, as she is not bad and lied to dad to save her many times. Anushka says you all are my family, I want my family to be happy. Devyaani smiles and hugs her. Anushka says no misunderstanding can come in between them and promises. Rohan’s Bua ji, Hari’s elder sister Jiji comes to their house, as Devyaani has called her saying Hari is not well.

Everyone greet her and say Hari is fine. Jiji says she had heart attack and could not come in Rohan’s marriage. Vrinda insists and asks her to stay. Jiji asks about Rohan’s wife and everyone is speechless. Astha says she is in her Maayka. Hari says she will come after few days. Jiji says no, the festival is ahead and how can you send her, she has to come now else I will go from here. They all go to take Alka. Shastri ji welcomes them, but says he can’t send Alka. Rohan talks to Anushka and says manage everything till I come, as Bua ji is not well and she can’t bear any shock. Bua ji asks what’s the matter. Rohan comes there and says as I have not come to take Alka. Bua ji asks them to sort the matter and takes Alka home.

Alka does the puja and prays for her marriage. Rajat gives pest control idea to Minty, as he wants to spend time with Anushka. He tells his plan to Anushka. Rajat and Anushka meet and Minty gets suspicious. Rajat says pest control idea was mine to come closer to you. Anushka smiles. Rajat says even if you don’t want, you are coming close to me. They have an eyelock. He tells her that he likes her and would really try to win her heart and change her decision for marriage. Minty fails to see them in storeroom. Devyaani eyes Rajat and thinks he came to their house for her. Neil is happy to spend time with Devyaani.

Astha tells Alka not to get habitual to stay here, as Bua ji does not know anything, but they still remember what all she did. Alka says I came here to tell this what all I did and what all I did not do, I will prove it too. Anushka talks to Rajat and he keeps a gift in her bag. Anushka does not accept it, but he insists. He buys the anklet and Minty gets the bill in his drawer. Devyaani gets it and goes to thank Rajat. Anushka thinks how to tell her that its for me.Devyaani thanks Rajat. He thinks she is thanking him from Anushka’s side. Anushka falls in Rajat’s arms and runs. Rajat smiles and Minty looks on hearing his words that he has made an impact on Anu’s heart. He is shocked seeing her and lies to her.

Anushka gets ready for the fund raiser party and wears the anklet. Devyaani sees her and asks her to remove it, as its her gift. Anushka tries, but can’t. Rajat tells Anushka that my gift is like me, it does not want to get away after linking to you. Minty sees Anushka wearing the anklet and doubts her. Rajat and Anushka look at each other. Rajat holds her hand and stops her saying you can’t go without dancing. He draws her closer and they dance. They get closer and have an eyelock. Minty comes there and is shocked seeing them. Minty thinks about Mrs. Vajwa’s words and how Dolly said that her bahu is one of the Shastri sisters.

Mrs. Vajwa comes there and smiles seeing Rajat and Anushka. She says now you know I was talking about them, they are made for each other, despite facing difficulties, they will be together. Rajat lies to Minty and says he was teaching ball dance to Anushka. Minty gets annoyed. he puja goes on in Sareen house. Rajat comes and sits beside Anu. Neil smiles seeing Devyaani. Anushka thinks about Rajat’s words and smiles. Alka makes the rangoli. Bua ji is glad and likes the temple decorations. She asks Alka to light the aarti diya. Bua ji sees the Chandal mala there and gets angry. Alka says I don’t know. Bua ji scolds her for having no knowledge about puja items. Rohan comes to Alka and applies the cream to her hand. They get together and have romantic moment. Alka thanks Astha for her wrong doings which got her closer to Rohan. Will Rajat admit his love feelings to Anushka? Keep reading.