Nikhil calls off his engagement with Ishaana in Gustakh Dil

This week started with a bang as Nikhil calls off his engagement with Ishaana missing out Lajjo every moment off his life. Yes, you heard it right. Nikhil is missing Lajjo and seeing her, hearing her, imagining her with him all the time. He finds her with him always. Lajjo talks to him and makes him realize that he actually loves her and not Ishaana. Nikhil has not accepted this fact by his heart till now. Nikhil sees his family very happy and busy in the engagement preparations but does not become a part of all that. He feels lost, as if his life is meaningless and he is missing a major part of it. He sees Lajjo around him who asks him to accept Ishaana and lead a happy life.

Lajjo asks him to keep a hand on his heart and decide what he wants to do now. Nikhil does so and thinks about her innocence, the truth that she loved him but never confessed, her goodness, her selfless nature, her charm and everything about her. Nikhil misses Lajjo and dreams about her. Ishaana is very happy thinking soon she and Nikhil will be engaged and then they will be going to London for their higher education and live a happy life together. Ishaana spends some time with her gang of friends. They sing karaoke and have a blast. Nikhil comes to them and sees Ishaana happy. He can’t get happy from within and he is not feeling connected to Ishaana these days. Though she has been with him since years, but these days his happiness lies in Lajjo, not her.

Nikhil tells Ishaana that he needs to talk to her alone. She takes him to her room and acts romantic. Nikhil distances himself and tells her that he is going through some kind of problem which he is not able to understand. He tells her that his feelings are changing and he does not know the reason for that. Ishaana does not understand and asks him to be clear. Nikhil tells her that he wants to postpone the engagement. Ishaana is left shocked. Aditi hears this as she comes to Nikhil with the snacks and is shocked hearing this. She leaves giving them time to talk and settle their issues. Ishaana asks Nikhil what is the reason for all this.

Nikhil tells her that he does not want to start a new relation without ending the old one. He tells her that Lajjo is still his wife and the divorce did not happen yet. He says he will get engaged to her only after he gets the divorce done and for that Lajjo has to sign the papers and send it back to him. Ishaana says it does not matter to her, as the divorce will happen one day or the other. Nikhil says n, it matter to him as with every relation, there are some duties which he can’t neglect. Right now, he is Lajjo’s husband and can’t think of anyone else. He explains Ishaana his point of view. Ishaana gets angry on him and scolds him for being so selfish, to think only about himself and not caring about her feelings, she is the one who has waited for this day, she has bear his marriage with Lajjo and waited for her to leave him.

Nikhil comes home and Barkha confronts him about his decision. Nikhil tells her that for his mum society and world matters more than his happiness, and everyone wants to just sacrifice him. He tells Barkha and Inder that his decision is final and he will not get engaged before the divorce. Samrat understands him and respects him decision saying he made the right decision, but he asks him to think about Ishaana once, as it is not her mistake that she loves him. Lajjo is studying in a city college and her mum is happy seeing her getting busy in studies and forgetting Nikhil.

Lajjo gets her divorce papers in the cupboard which her mum had hidden and gets upset. She tells her mum that she is ready to sign them. Lajjo becomes strong and also saves her friend Putti from marrying an old man. Lajjo knows that Putti and Bansi love each other and wants them to get married. She is helping them unite. Ishaana comes to meet Nikhil and asks him to tell her where does she stand in his life. She asks him to tell her how much he values her and does she mean anything to her. Ishaana asks Nikhil to marry her leaving Nikhil shocked. Will Nikhil marry Ishaana? Keep reading.