Pakhi unknowingly unites Anshuman with his mum Anuja in Tumhari Pakhi

Anshuman tries hard to make Tanya understand that he is not lying about Prachin and he is really after her money. Tanya does not believe him and goes ahead to marry Prachin. Prachin arranges to kill Tanya. The driver stops the car and leaves. Some gas starts coming in the car which suffocates Tanya. Anshuman is also hiding in the car and comes to Tanya to rescue her. Pakhi sees the diya flickering and prays for Anshuman. Her prayers save Anshuman and he breaks the door saving Tanya. He brings Tanya home and calls a doctor. Tanya gets well and cries thanking Anshuman and apologizing for not believing her before.

Pakhi talks to Anuja and tells her how important are children in a mother’s life. She asks her to give her children a chance, meet them, talk to them, see whether they need her or not, how can she decide anything without even meeting them. Anuja is upset and tells Pakhi that she can never forgive her. Lavanya’s friend’s Mamta fills her ears against Naina not being her real daughter. Lavanya gets angry and asks her to leave as she really loves Naina as her real daughter.

Lavanya and Girish come to meet Anshuman. Tanya too joins them and apologizes to everyone on her wrong doings in the past. Everyone forgive her and they have a good time. Tanya asks Anshuman to go and get Pakhi back as she is his real love. Anshuman gets Anuja’s letter which Pakhi has sent him and is really glad knowing about him mum. Lavanya and Anshuman cry happily and read her meaningful and instructive words. Girish says few people get to rectify their mistakes, go and get her, is there any address. He reads the number and smiles.

Anshuman calls on the number and Deepika answers it asking him to come to meet Anuja tomorrow at 4pm at Qutub Minar. Anshuman is glad and excited. Pakhi tells this to Anuja and she gets much happy and thanks Pakhi and Deepika for making her unite with her children. Anshuman says start celebrating. Anuja cooks halwa for everyone as she is very happy. She says my son loves halwa a lot. Anuja convinces Pakhi to go for the Singapore job and begin a new life.

She says life does not give second chance, please accept this. Deepika says Anuja is right, she will go her home, I will go my home after my project ends, please say yes to this offer. Anuja says you will forget your past, don’t be scared of just a name. Pakhi says I will think and promises her smiling.Anshuman books Delhi tickets and Pakhi books Singapore tickets. Pakhi says I won’t be here tomorrow. Anuja says I m happy for you. She hugs them. Pakhi asks Anuja to go alone to meet her children and then she will also meet them before leaving. She says we will be here to welcome them.Anuja, Pakhi and Deepika dances well in happiness.

Pakhi says you are right, I should go far from here, very far from my old memories. Pakhi shows thee sindoor box saying she has many memories linked to it. She thinks how Anshuman used to apply sindoor in her Maang.She gives it to Anuja asking her to keep it. Anshuman says I know Pakhi will always pray for us, and how can we be happy without her. Anshuman hugs Ayaan. Anuja and Anshuman come at the Qutub Minar and wait for each other. Anuja thinks how will be her son’s reaction and changes her mind to meet him. She thinks to leave. She says no, I can’t meet him.

A guy mistakenly pushes Anuja and she bumps into Anshuman. He bends to pick up his phone and she blesses him keeping her hand on his head. Anshuman feels his mum’s touch. Anuja sees him that she saw him before and realizes he is her son Anshuman. Anshuman feels language of touch and recalls Pakhi’s words. He gets a pic of him and Lavanya.He calls her Maa. Lavanya spends time with Naina and starts feeling unwell. She calls the doctor who asks her to come fast. Lavanya sees Naina having high fever and thinks she will risk her unborn baby but not leave Naina in this state as she is her real daughter.

She thinks to prove to the world that she is not Naina’s step mum. Anshuman meets Anuja and holds her hands apologizing to her many times, for not being to stop her when his dad has kicked her out. Anuja hugs him and they have some emotional lines. e says I did not realize there is nothing important than mum’s love. He says just give me one more chance, let me regret all my life.Anuja asks him to come home with her. Anshuman happily agrees. Anuja plans to make him meet Deepika and Pakhi. What will Anshuman’s reaction knowing Pakhi has helped him in getting his mum? Keep reading.

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