Barkha stunned to see Lajjo is Sagar’s new find Trishna in Gustakh Dil

Sagar tells Lajjo that tomorrow the sponsors are coming to see her and that it is their last chance to prove. Laajo becomes nervous and asks Rancho if the sponsors will like her dance she assures her that everything will be fine. Nikhil is given a task to deliver a bag of jewels to a lady. Nikhil is worried and thinks he did not do this before. The manager asks him not to make the lady annoyed and be good to her. Ayesha and Adhiraj have a good time together. It rains outside and Adhiraj gives his clothes to Ayesha. She wears it. He asks her to trust him and sleep, as he is not a bad guy. Ayesha and Adhiraj have a laugh and they go to sleep. Sagar tells Anjali that there is no choice Laajo will have to be ready to perform in front of the sponsors.Barkha comes home to India and is eager to see Sagar’s new find.

Laajo is at the salon when Nani also comes in, she becomes angry as no one is free to attend to her and she is curious to see who the new girl is. Laajo hears Nani’s voice and becomes worried she tries to cover her face with a towel. Nani notices the anklet that Laajo is wearing and she thinks to herself that she has seen that payal somewhere but she is unable to recall it. Lajjo gets a makeover and comes to meet Sagar. He is happy to see her and says its still something missing out. Nikhil went to a client house to deliver something then the female client tried to hit on him and tried to drug him with drinks but Nikhil stood firm on his intentions and left the house without a backward glance. The female client fumed in anger.Lajjo has to perform on the stage for the sponsors and is very much tensed.

She thinks about Nikhil’s words and gains some confidence. Barkha comes to see who is this new girl. She comes to know her name is Trishna and is excited to see her. Lajjo looks beautiful while Barkha waits outside with Aarushi. Lajjo appears on the stage and starts dancing. She turns and Barkha is shocked its Lajjo. Aarushi likes the dance and says I think Barkha was right about you. Barkha fumes and leaves. Sagar wonders what happened to Barkha.

Barkha thinks about Lajjo being Trishna and is in a state of shock. She thinks how can Sagar choose Lajjo, how can he make her a star. Lajjo comes home and tells everything to Rancho happily. Rancho says now no one can stop you, you will win everyone’s heart you proved Barkha wrong, see she will welcome you now. Inder reads the whole article that the employee have saved the shop from robbery. Nikhil says I m this employee. Everyone is shocked knowing the man shot him and he got the shop saved. Anjali meets Lajjo and tells her about the competition where Ratri is also participating, she has to win the event to get the year long sponsorship. Barkha comes to meet Ratri at a restaurant. Barkha tells her that she has to win against Trishna. Ratri is puzzled knowing Barkha is Sagar’s friend.

Barkha calls Nethra and asks her to do something to stop Lajjo from performing. Nethra mixes something in the kajal and Lajjo’s eyes burn and swelling comes. Anjali gets tensed. Lajjo uses a house remedy and gets well. She goes for the photo shoot where Nikhil also comes. They miss to see each other. Ratri is shocked to see Trishna is actually Lajjo and laughs on her being over confident. She talks to Kabir who asks her to give her best. Ratri finds her dress damages and cancels the photo shoot annoying Kabir. He gets some god taunts from Sagar. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo looking at her anklet. Nani looks at it and thinks she saw the girl wearing at the parlour. Singh praises Sagar and Lajjo and Sagar thinks about her.

Sagar smiles thinking how Lajjo supported her. He also praises Lajjo and says she is simple but she has something in her, its her contribution, she has passion and honesty, she is hardworking so she became Trishna. Sagar thinks about Aarohi and his past. Aarohi was Sagar’s find and got married to him. She had a secret affair with Kabir and ditched Sagar even after he loved her so much. Anjali says every girl can’t be Aarohi. Barkha is determined not to allow Lajjo in her house at any cost. What will Barkha plan next to break Lajjo and Nikhil’s relation? Keep reading.

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