Parmeet tells Soham that he is Rajji’s husband; everyone shocked by this big lie in Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Rajji thinks to remind Soham about their marriage so she wears the mangalsutra thinking maybe he will remember anything about them. Soham sees Rajji wearing a mangalsutra and thinks is she married then who is her husband and why is she hiding this from me. He does not remember anything about Rajji and his marriage. Soham wants to ask Bani. He asks her about Rajji’s husband. Just then, Parmeet comes and hears all this mess. Parmeet says he is Rajji’s husband. Rajji and Bani are shocked. Soham believes Parmeet.

Rajji keeps quiet as she does not want Soham to take stress. Soham asks them why did Rajji not tell before that she is your wife. Bani says come lets go inside, I will explain you later, its time for your medicines. She takes Soham inside. Rajji scolds Parmeet for lying to Soham and making him feel she is Parmeet’s wife. She tells him about her plan which he spoiled. Parmeet apologizes to her saying he did not know about this, he lied to Soham thinking he may take stress.

Rajji does not understand and cries thinking she has lost Soham now forever, as Soham will see her as Parmeet’s wife from now on. Rajji feels sad and blames Parmeet. Bani asks Soham to rest and she comes to talk to them. Bani tells Rajji that Parmeet did the right thing, he has actually helped us. Bani asks Rajji not to remind Soham of anything, it may create trouble for him, let him think on his own. Bani says Parmeet saved us from big problem today. Bani thanks Parmeet. Rajji does not listen to them and leaves crying. Bani asks Parmeet to leave. He goes back to Bhullar house. Balbir and Raymon see Bani going out.

Bani asks Rajji to spend some time with Soham. Bani goes to market. Raymon asks Rajji to take Soham’s signs on property papers else she will break everything to Soham and he may even die. Rajji gets tensed and refuses. Balbir calls Soham and scares Rajji showing he will tell Soham the truth. Rajji gets scared and lies to Soham about the property papers asking him to sign it. Soham signs it believing her. Balbir and Raymon are very happy and go to Bhullar house to take their property share. They stay there as they are also the owners now. Kuljeet Chachaji stops them.

Balbir scolds him. Parmeet and Randeep faces Balbir and asks him to stay quietly else he will be kicked out of the house. Parmeet comes to meet Bani, but she is not at home. He meets Rajji and talks to her about Bani. He says I love my wife a lot, and would like to take her back home, I regret all my mistakes, and I apologize by heart. He talks about his wife Bani and Soham overhears them and thinks he is talking about Rajji. Soham thinks Parmeet is apologizing to Rajji so she must go back with Parmeet.

Parmeet leaves. Soham talks to Rajji and asks her to forgive Parmeet. He asks her to go back to Bhullar house and be happy with her husband Parmeet. Rajji is shocked. She cries thinking about their good times and her child in her womb. Soham makes Rajji go in a taxi. Bani comes home and asks about Rajji. Soham tells her that he has sent her to Parmeet’s house. Bani and Kookie are shocked. Kookie gets angry and tells Soham that he has sent a pregnant lady alone. Soham is shocked to know Rajji is pregnant and regrets his mistake. He apologizes to Bani.

He says but she will go to Parmeet’s house and everything will be fine after she sorts the difference with Parmeet. Bani calls Parmeet and tells him everything. She asks him to find Rajji. Parmeet gets Rajji on the road in fainted state. Parmeet brings Rajji to Bhullar house and calls Bani. Bani and Rajji hug and Bani asks Rajji to stay there till Soham gets fine. Parmeet tells Bani he will drop her home. They have cute moments and eyelocks in the car on the way.

His car breaks down and he goes to get water. She gets scared and when he comes, she hugs him. Then they walk and get lift by police, Parmeet tells Bani is his wife and she looks at him. He brings her home and Bani thanks him. Soham too thanks him for dropping Bani at night. Raymon starts torturing Rajji at Bhullar house and promises her that she will make her life hell. When will Soham get his memory back? Keep reading.