Rancho brings Lajjo to Delhi; Lajjo gives tuition to Sagar’s daughter Mili in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo is upset thinking about Nikhil. Nikhil looks at her anklet and misses her. They think of the time spend with each other. Lajjo’s mum asks her to have food, telking her that she took this big step, Nikhil did not ask her to prove herself, it was her decision to stay away from him. She asks Lajjo not to be upset and have strength so that she can do what she decided. Lajjo thinks what will she do now as her studies stopped.

Her mum asks her not to be disheartened as problems come but has to go one day. Happiness will be back soon and she and Nikhil will lead a peaceful life. Lajjo feels encouraged by her words and eats the food. Rancho tells Cobra that what Nikhil did was right. She says its high time Nikhil should become independent and also responsible towards Lajjo. He should bear their expenses and also earn a good living for keeping Lajjo happy. The gang feels bad seeing Nikhil sell jhis favorite watch for the sake of some money.

Rancho decides to go Sonbarsa and bring Lajjo to Delhi. Rancho looks for Lajjo. Lajjo is the temple praying to the Lord, and Rancho stands behind and advices her to have strength acting as Lord. Lajjo thinks how is the Lord talking in english and looks around. She finds Rancho and says Lord ji, please explain in hindi. Rancho tries hard and turns to see Lajjo. They both break into laughter and hug. Lajjo takes her home. Rancho talks to Lajjo and her parents, asking them to send Lajjo to Delhi, where she can study and also work.

She says Lajjo has to prove herself to Barkha, and it won’t happen if she stays in Sonbarsa, as there are no opportunities here. Lajjo says no, she can’t come to Delhi, else Nikhil will take her home and she is not ready to go, as she has promised Barkha she won’t come there till she gets a name. Rancho asks her to stay with her at her home. She convinces her parents and gives them hope saying she will take care of Lajjo and help her in finding a good job. She tells Lajjo that she can give tuition to kids to start earning. Lajjo’s parents refuses for sending Lajjo away.

Lajjo gets sad and talks to Rancho. Lajjo feels she can’t survive in Delhi, as it’s a big easy and asks will I fail in life. Her mum comes and says my daughter can never fail. She allows Lajjo to go Delhi. Lajjo is very happy and hugs her in excitement. Lajjo meets her family and leaves for Delhi for Rancho. Lajjo comes Delhi and faces some problems at Rancho’s home by her house owner. The lady asks her to pay rent soon else she won’t be allowed to live.

Lajjo feels short of money and thinks how to pay her rent. Rancho asks her not to worry and look for tuition jobs. Shreya comes to them and is surprised to see Lajjo. Shreya tells her about Sagar Khurana’s daughter Mili needing tuition. Lajjo agrees and goes for the interview. At first, she is not selected as she looks much not educated, but when Mili’s nose bleeds, Lajjo treats her well, seeing which she gets the job. Lajjo comes home and tells Rancho that she got the job. Lajjo starts giving tuition to Mili and spends good time with her. Mili is scared of her dad as he often scolds her. Lajjo notices it and thinks why is Mili so much scared.

Lajjo and Sagar does not see each other whole they pass off by each other. Nikhil gets a job but later on comes to know that his uncle Ravi recommended him and so he got the job. Nikhil quits the job and argues with Ravi asking him not to do such favors again. Ravi taunts him calling him useless. Nikhil gets frustrated and leaves. Lajjo asks the lady to give her some advance so that she can pay rent as she is new in the city. The lady asks Lajjo not to ask for advance as Sagar hates the people who take advance and does not do the work well later on. She says Sagar can fire you for this. Lajjo is tensed. Nikhil comes to Rancho’s house and Lajjo sees him. She hides and hears him talking to Rancho. How will Lajjo manage to pay the rent on time? Keep reading.