Rani Mukherjee and Priyanka Chopra grace the stage this week on Comedy Nights with Kapil

Kapil Sharma single handedly made his show grand by bringing wits and clean comedy on his show. Comedy Nights with Kapil has two special guests this week. Rani Mukherjee and Priyanka Chopra come this week in the two episodes. Rani comes on stage on her upcoming movie Mardaani movie background music and Kapil asks her whether he can come close to her a bit and speak. Rani asks how much close? He replies with singing paas Aajaye and then informs Siddhu on watching Rani’s movie Mardaani trailer and she is seen beating goons and bad people with much power and strength. Kapil asks her whether she is in her character and she replies to be in character for his show. Rani pampers him a bit on his cheeks and Kapil asks his team whether it is recorded funnily.

Kapil wants to ask a personal question after seeing her character in the movie Mardaani that if somebody teases her then what’s her reaction. He is asking it so he will adapt himself in asking questions to her on the show. Rani then replies with a quote (Mardaani’s movie anthem lyrics – Aaj se Ab se Aan Meri Mein.. Tumko Na Choona Doongi Jaan Ko Chahe Channi Kar Doon.. Maan Ko Na Choone Dungi… Choo kar Dekho Dil Mera Dil Mein Apna Bhar Loongi Chedh kar Dekho Mujhko Mein Tumko Nahi Chhodoongi.. Siddhu feels much impressed with Rani.

Kapil speaks that Rani’s movie Mardaani have a societal and good concept and thanks her in doing so and informs the audience that the movie is releasing on 22nd August and urges them to go and watch with families, and also hope that this movie will be liked by audience more than her earlier movies. Kapil welcomes Rani Mukherji and refers to as the Queen and the one who rules in everyone’s heart and calls her as the most beautiful and talented actress.

Kapil welcomes all and greets all independence day. Kapil speaks that it is true since courage and strong plans and beliefs will reach you great heights in life which not only makes their life a living example but also the movies that are made on those lives. Kapil welcomes actress and superstar Priyanka Chopra by referring to her as the very beautiful, talented and his secret girlfriend. Priyanka comes on the stage on Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai song (from her movie Mary Kom) and Kapil shares a big hug with her. Priyanka gets applause from the audience. Kapil speaks that everyone gets surprising energy whenever she comes. He speaks that Priyanka always does different things and work and this time has something different as well by working in a movie made on the life of Mary Kom.

He asks whether she trained for boxing. Priyanka responds that she trained along with Mary’s boxing coaches for 6 months in two schedules of 3 months each and also stayed and live with Mary in Manipur. She cites that it was fun to meet Mary and her family. Kapil speaks that it feels very appropriate to salute and suggests that you (referring to Mary) take care of your family and home and also win medals for your country. He then salutes Mary Kom on her hardwork and achievements. Priyanka speaks of coming on the show many times and want to return the favor and then sings a song which is dedicated to Kapil. Kapil becomes elated on hearing it.

The director of the biopic movie ‘Mary Kom’ – Omung Kumar is welcomed by Kapil on stage and he goes to sit beside Priyanka. Soon after, Gutthi and Palak comes on the stage and Palak wants to speak something important to Omung and then informs him about her and Didi (Gutthi’s) wish that he directs a biopic movie for them. Palak then goes to explain the meaning of biopic and Bittu informs her that Omung has himself made a biopic on Mary kom and wonders how she can tell him its definition.

Dadi comes on stage and greets Priyanka and then wants her to give Shagun Ki Pappi to goat in Bittu’s home and thinks that if she does so then the goat might start giving milk. Priyanka agrees and goes to kiss the goat and then blushes. Bittu aka kapil then wishes God why he is not made a goat since he would have got a kiss from Priyanka as well bringing laughter. Daadi goes on to compete with Priyanka in a boxing match with Priyanka leveraging the upper hand on her. It would be interesting to see how Daadi is defeated. Kapil signs off by saying the people to keep smiling and watching his show on Colors.