Anuja brings Veer home to help Pakhi in business and get Aryaman back in Tumhari Pakhi

Pakhi has started taking all the responsibilities of Anshuman. She drops Ayaan school and goes ahead to the office to see how things are going financially with the investors. She checks the accounts and comes to know the major accounts holding Rs 150 crores is locked, and no one knows the password either. She looks for the password in his tablet and files. She calls the bank and asks about the password retrieval. They say we can provide new password, but it will take 15 days. Aparna says one account has Rs 15 crores. Pakhi asks her secretary Aparna to use this amount till 15 days and says I have to make people sure that Rathore group is like before, the work can’t stop for a day.

The show has the entry of a new character Veer, who is Anuja’s nephew and she has called him to help Pakhi in the business and also convince Pakhi to free Aryaman and bring him back home. Aparna comes and says investors want the money back, they came and want to meet Pakhi. Pakhi comes to meet them in the conference room. She talk to them to believe in this company, she will manage the project and their money is not at stake. They say it will be hard to convince people now. They say we want to invest somewhere else and we want money now.Veer asks Pakhi to tell them you don’t need their money and will shut the project. He says even if they take back money, you can get money from any bank as loan, they will not keep money at home.

Pakhi thanks them for their support and this project is special, and she does not need investor’s money, as govt has passed this by urban development plan. She tells them the benefits of the projects to make them change their mind. They agree to work in this project. They ask her to start the work and give presentation next week. Anuja tells Veer that no one can take Anshuman’s place, Pakhi has become mum and dad for Ayaan. I know Pakhi will never forgive him. He asks Veer to explain Pakhi and help her. Anuja says Ayaan needs a dad and Aryaman can fill that place. Aryaman will change if he marries her. She says Pakhi can touch anyone and make it gold.

She says Pakhi is my responsibility, does she not have a right to get happiness again. She says only Aryaman can fulfill Anshuman’s promises. Pakhi thinks she does not need anyone’s help in her life. Next comes the blueprints problem, which has to be bought from Mr Vaswani, who won’t help without getting the money. Pakhi tries hard to convince him but fails. Pakhi thinks how to pay him now. Pakhi sees Anshuman’s accident clothes and checks the pockets. She gets a tissue in it with something written on it. She shows it to Veer and says this can’t be the password.

He says you will get just three trials, if you fail, it’s a risk of Rs 150 crores. Pakhi goes to try and fails in two attempts. Anuja asks Veer that if password is cracked, then Aryaman can’t come home. He says we have just two options to get it, either freeze the account or take Aryaman’s help. He says Anshuman gave his authorities to Aryaman, he will get the password in one day, he is authorized. She says she won’t take his help, she can’t cheat Anshuman. Pakhi says you can give advice, its my wish to agree or not. He asks her to get the blueprints without money. She says she will show him he is wrong.

Pakhi thinks how to get the blueprints, how to convince Vaswani without the money. Pakhi tells Veer that Vaswani loves food, and I will cook his fav food. She says I can make him agree to give the blueprints. He says I don’t think Vaswani will agree, he will not work without money, you try it. Pakhi cooks Vaswani’s fav food and invites him for lunch. She acts very sweet and he really likes the food. Vaswani says he does not work without money. Pakhi praises him and says work satisfaction is also required, you love food and I heard big artists love food. She says you supported Anshuman since many years.

She says I was thinking if you give me blueprints, as I have meeting with my investors next week, but you are right about money, I will give you post dated cheque, I want blueprints today. He says I will send blueprint to you today. Veer is stunned that Pakhi convinced Vaswani. Veer calls Vaswani acting as his client, as offers Rs 3 crores, for the same blueprints. Pakhi brings the cheque and documents to take his sign. Vaswani says he can’t give her the blueprint. What will Pakhi do now? Will she fulfill Anshuman’s dream project? Keep reading.

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