Rasika and Brijesh burn up Narendra to put the murder blame on Shiv in Balika Vadhu

Shiv tells Anandi about the misunderstanding and she answers him that she trusts him and he need not worry. Rasika comes to Shiv and tells him that she loves him. Shiv gets angry and refuses her offer. Rasika fumes and tears her clothes crying loudly and gathering the office staff saying Shiv has molested her. Shiv is shocked to know how low she can fall. Saurabh holds Sanchi’s hand when she is drying clothes at the terrace. Suman comes there and knows Saurabh’s plan, but she asks Sanchi to have a good conduct at home as she is now Vivek’s wife and should forget Saurabh.

Sanchi tries to clarify but Suman leaves doing some acting. Sanchi thinks what to do as things are getting worse for her. Jagya returns after seeing the land with Shyamal bhai while Ganga waits on him. Ganga tells Jagya not to trust Shyamal bhai so soon but Jagya tells her not to interfere in his work as he completely trusts him. Ganga tells Dadisaa about doubting Shyamal bhai. Dadisaa talks to Jagya and asks him to kepe the MLA attitude outside the haveli and not at home. She says you are a son, grandson, brother and a husband in this house. She asks him to go to Ganga and explain her what you are deciding and why.

Jagya understands and goes to talk to Ganga. Shiv tells everything what Rasika did to Anandi. She is shocked and supports him. Rasika tells everything to her husband Narendra who fumes in anger and wants to go to police station. Rasika stops him thinking her lie may get caught. Narendra goes to Shiv’s house and scolds him for molesting Rasika. Shiv tries to explain him that it was all Rasika’s plan to get closer to him, and he refused so she has played this cheap trick. Narendra does not believe him and thinks she is pointing on Rasika’s character to save his image.

Narendra leaves in anger telling Shiv that he will go to the media to bring his true face out. Shiv gets worried. He goes to office in morning and suspends Rasika. The office staff gossips about him and Shiv is hurt to hear them. Shiv talks to them and tells them how he has earned a reputation all these years. They apologize to Shiv. Rasika is shocked to read the suspension letter. Narendra asks Rasika not to worry as they will show Shiv whats the power of a common man. Narendra comes to Shiv’s office and starts protesting. He says Shiv has been eyeing my wife since day one and now he suspend her. Shiv asks him to shut his mouth. He asks Ram Singh to throw him out. Narendra leaves.

Narendra brings media to his house. Narendra introduces Rasika to the media. Rasika gives interview againts Shiv. She gives the statement that Shiv tried to molest her. No one can stop him from sexually harassing female employees. She says when she rejected his advances then he blamed her. She says he suspended me. But I will fight for my right and get justice. Ganga comes to stop a child marriage and runs with the bride Aarti. She informs Jagya and calls the police. She is shocked seeing Shyamal Bhai there and thinks he is involved in this. Shayamal sees Jagya and starts acting sweet saying he did not know the age of the bride and was clueless. Jagya believes him but Ganga doubts on him more.

Shiv and his family see Rasika’s interview on tv and are shocked. Anandi gets worried. Sanchi’s in laws also see the news and taunt Sanchi saying we are bearing insult because of your brother. Sanchi feels bad and can’t believe the news. Jagya asks the police to arrest everyone involved in the child marriage. Aarti’s mum thanks Ganga and falls on her feet. She says my daughter’s life is saved only because of you. Basant says you have to educate her to give her a good life. Narendra comes home and sees Rasika getting physical with her ex boss Brijesh.

He is shocked to see her. Rasika says she tried to get close to Shiv, but he didn’t give her a chance. Narendra says I heard everything. You framed Shiv wrongly. He says I loved and trusted you, but you murdered my feelings. Narendra says he will expose her plan and leaves. Brijesh and Rasika catch him and beat him up. They take him to Shiv’s office and burn him up. Narendra calls out Shiv to save his life and runs towards his office. Will Shiv be able to save Narendra? Keep reading.