RK and his family shift to Mumbai with Madhu in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Everyone get ready to go to the Kal Bhairov puja. Raja is glad seeing Madhu in the traditional saree and praises her looks. Madhu is taken to the temple. She goes ahead alone and starts praying. She is shocked to see the pandit aiming the gun at her. She asks who are you and what do you want. He tells her that he has to kidnap her, so better come with him, or he will kill her. Mahdu screams and calls out RK. The pandit laughs and says no one will come to rescue you today. Just then, RK enters the place and Madhu smiles happily seeing him, RK warns the pandit that he will be losing life today as he has dared to kill Madhu. RK starts beating the pandit while Madhu looks on.

The pandit acts clever and throws Gulaal in his eyes. RK does not see anything. The pandit forces Madhu to come with him. RK tries to save her but Madhu gets shot. The pandit runs. RK holds Madhu and asks her to come to the hospital. Madhu says I am alive today, maybe I won’t be alive tomorrow, please set me free, let me live my life, life with you is a punishment, give me freedom. She pleads RK to hear her request else she won’t go to the hospital. RK is shocked and thinks what to do. He promises her that he will do as she says. He takes her home and calls the doctor. The bullet just touches her arm, and Madhu gets fine after taking some medicines.

Dau ji asks how has dared to kill his bahu. He asks Bhanu to find out and kill that pandit. Madhu reminds RK of his promise to let her go from this house. RK agrees and she says promise, but what will Dau ji and family, will they allow me to go. RK says I will make them agree, no one can stop me from keeping my promise. RK comes to Dau ji and says I want to take Madhu to Mumbai. Dau ji scolds him and says no one can go out from here without my permission. RK says I m your blood. Dau ji says RK did not see my anger and love. He says I did your upbringing, not to leave this house one day with your wife. He says I swear of Kaal Bhairov, if you go from here, then I will die.

RK and Madhu packs their bags. Madhu is tensed thinking what will Dau ji do if they leave. Dau ji thinks what to do, as RK is adamant to go Mumbai. He thinks he can’t leave RK getting him after so many years. He thinks it will be wise to go with him to Mumbai, He decides and tells everyone that he is going with RK to Mumbai. Everyone is shocked. Agni tells Bhanu that we need to keep an eye on RK, else he will fill Dau ji’s ears and take all his property, so we have to be with him like shadow and save our property. Everyone agrees to leave for Mumbai. Madhu requests Dau ji to take Bhabhi too. Dau ji agrees as she reminds him of his promise.

Everyone reach Mumbai and find it different. Bhanu misbehaves with a neighbor lady and she calls the police. Bhanu is made to apologize and Madhu tells RK to see the power of law in the city, now he can’t keep her with him by force. RK laughs off. Bai ji is very angry on Madhu for dividing her family, and scolds her to the limit. Agni, Bai ji and Tara start troubling Madhu. They ask her to make five dishes in 1 hour. Madhu cooks and tries to take to Dau ji to take permission from him to go to her Maayka. RK thinks Dau ji won’t allow her. Madhu challenges RK to wait and watch.

Madhu talks to Dau ji and scares him by her words stating some rituals which if not done can lead to anyone’s death in the family. She tells him about patphere rituals. Dau ji says we did not know rituals here, but if Sunny came to take you, then fine, how can I send him alone. Dau ji smiles and asks Madhu to go. Dau ji asks RK to leave Madhu till the door. Madhu looks at RK and reminds him of her words that she will win the bet between then. RK gets upset as Madhu is leaving. What will Dau ji to take RK back with him? Keep reading,