RK and Madhu unite happily and become superstars Rishbala towards the end in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Leela and Agni create a huge scene to create a rift between RK and Madhu. Even Dau ji and Dida get involved in this. RK and Madhu are going to get far away from each other, because of the elder’s tiff. Leela creates any differences between the couple and informs Agni how she has managed to end this love story. Dida says there is no equality between Madhu and RK. Dau ji says my son left his property and came here to work honestly. Dida argues with him and insults him. Dida says Madhu, you won’t give birth to RK’s child, abort this. Dau ji says what are you saying, she will give birth to my heir. Dida says no, this is not your village, I will do as I want, she will stay with me, you can leave.

Madhu folds her hands and apologizes to Dau ji. Leela calls a tantrik asking him to scare Madhu and RK saying about life risk of Madhu and child, if they stay together. Madhu gets tensed and thinks about RK’s life and heart disease. Madhu thinks about RK’s health and says you and our child is very precious to me, which I don’t want to lose, so I can sacrifice anything to save both of you. She says I can stay away for 9 years too. RK says you are planning this to separate us and Madhu is not understanding. Madhu thinks she should not give tension to him. RK and Madhu have a talk and she cries breaking down.

Madhu says the doctor told me about your disease and I have hidden it from you, I can’t be away from you, else who will give you medicines. He says when did you give me medicines till now. She says the veg juice which you take two times a day, I mix medicines in it. Bittu asks what disease does he have. RK thinks how Madhu safeguarded him and gave him medicines. He apologizes to her that she was taking care of him, and he shouted on her, he blamed her, sorry. He says I want your love. She says don’t shake your trust, I will always be with you, and see you will get well soon, I will never leave you. He says I promise I won’t, just tell me once what happened to me.

She says heart disease, you have a hole in your heart. RK is worried but does not show his worry to her. She hugs him and says now our love will heal this. Dida talks to Bittu and Leela, and says this can affect Madhu’s child too. Dau ji and Dida apologize to each other. He asks her to pray for RK’s life. Dida says sure, RK is Madhu’s life and Sindoor, and we will never let her become a widow. Bhanu comes to meet Agni and says if she does not give him Dau ji’s property papers, he will kill her. She gets tensed as he hides in her room. Dida says I blamed you for all wrong reasons, I m sorry, forgive me. RK says what are you saying, I never saw my Dadi, you are my Dadi, you should not say sorry, but hold my ear to make me walk on right path. Dau ji says he will help RK in his garage work as this way he can be with him all the time.

Dida asks Madhu to bring her trunk, in which she has old books which has medical remedies which may be useful for RK’s heart disease. Madhu brings the trunk. She opens it and sees Madhubala’s diary. She reads it and comes to know about her mum’s last wish to make a film on her life and love story. RK works at the garage. A man comes and says check my car. She says RK you, I m a film producer director. Madhu comes and the man says Madhu. He says do you know, your faces meet 20 years old superstars RK and Madhubala’s faces. I made four superhit films with them, they died in an accident, I was looking for faces like them, if you say I will announce film with you both tomorrow.

RK and Madhu agree and get some acting lessons. Madhu asks him to make the film on her mum’s life. Bhanu comes to get property papers from RK and aims a gun at him. Madhu asks RK to lift a gun and kill Bhanu, but he does not break his promise. Dau ji comes and shoots at Bhanu’s leg. The police comes and arrests Bhanu. RK tells the director about his heart disease and he is still casting him as hero. Madhu says now my mum’s dream will be fulfilled and smiles thanking Kanha. The film mahurat is shown. Bittu gives the interview and says he is happy that he is back in industry. Leela and Agni look happier. The film is named Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. RK and Madhu enter and Dida and Bittu’s memories come alive. They dress up like Rishbala reviving their love story. The show ended on a happy note where RK and Madhu became superstars.