Sagar breaks truth to Kabir about Mili; Lajjo wins the Jalwa Dance Competition; Nikhil asked to leave city to save his life in Gustakh Dil

Kabir’s goons kidnap Mili and call up Lajjo asking her to lose in the competition else they will harm Mili. Lajjo really loves Mili and loses the first round. Barkha and Kabir smile seeing their plan is working. Anita comes to Singh and asks did Mili come home. Anita says Mili is lost. He says what and asks her to calm down. Anita says we should inform Sagar. She asks him to go and meet Sagar. Nani says lets take this challenge, you will gift me diamond set if she wins. Nani defends Lajjo and asks Barkha not to fall so low. Barkha says I know Ratri is talented, Lajjo is a simple girl and can’t defeat Ratri.

Khanna calls Nikhil and asks him to come for the work, if anything good happens and the boss gets happy, then this will be the last deal. Nikhil says coming Sir, this is the last deal, then I will be out of this. Sagar sees Singh’s message that Mili is lost. Kabir smiles. Sagar calls Singh to know. The show starts and the announcement is made to welcome the judge of the Jalwa competition, Shruti Ulfat. Lajjo’s family and Nikhil’s family are excited and come to see the competition. Barkha accepts Lajjo’s challenge and asks her to come home only if she wins. Laajo asks Sagar where is Mili and he says she is on the way. Sagar decides not to tell her that Mili is missing and wish her all the best for her performance.

Nikhil goes to a hotel for delivery. The goons threaten him with a gun. Nikhil manage to create a scene and attract attention and get out of the hotel. The goons follow him. Sagar looks for Mili and says did she get kidnapped. He thinks who are they and tries to evaluate. He says is it for making Lajjo out of competition. He thinks about Kabir smiling. Sagar says Kabir has done this and goes his home to look for Mili. Nikhil runs from the goons to save his life. Kabir walks in and smiles seeing Sagar. Ratri keeps an eye on Lajjo and sees her ghungroos. She damages the ghungroos and says I m sorry Trishna, now you can’t win the competition, as you can’t dance. Kabir talks to Sagar and asks why is he here. Sagar asks him to give back Mili else he will kill him. Kabir gets angry and asks him to apologize.

Sagar holds his collar and slaps him. Kabir asks him to sit on his knee sand beg to him to get Mili. The round is of Jugalbandi and they have to see who wins from two dancers. Ratri and Lajjo have to compete in this round. Sagar sits on his knees and begs Kabir to leave his daughter Mili. Kabir laughs and says this is our star maker Sagar Khurana, I love this. He says Sagar’s life is in Mili. Sagar says you don’t know who is Mili. Kabir says I know she is your daughter. Sagar says no, she is your daughter Kabir, she is your and Arohi’s daughter. Kabir is shocked. Sagar says I have hidden this truth from the world, I would have not told you even today if you did not risk her life.

Sagar cries and says I did not tell you the truth as I was afraid you will snatch Mili from me, like you have snatched Arohi from me. Kabir says this is nonsense. Sagar says just think why I took all the blame on myself, why did I not give this suicide note of Arohi to police, if you don’t believe me, you read it. Kabir reads it and is shocked. He looks at Sagar. Sagar says it has written in it that Mili is your and Arohi’s illegitimate child, so I took all the blame so that Mili does not suffer, she is your daughter, please save her. He folds his hands. Kabir is shocked. Nikhil gets saved from the goons and comes to see Lajjo’s dance. Kabir cries and apologizes to Sagar and thanks him for being such a good father to Mili.

Kabir is shocked seeing Sagar’s goodness and he always remained his loyal friend. He says he will not take Mili back from him, as he deserves her, as he has done every duty of a father, you made me lose today, I always tried to fail you and you lost by your wish, you went on giving me, you gave me your life, happiness, career, and I brought it here thinking this is my victory. Sagar calls Lajjo and asks her to perform well without any fear as Mili is fine now. She gets glad and goes for the final round. Ratri and Lajjo dance on the song Kamli. Thrr ghungroos break and Lajjo gets hurt in her feet and bleeds. Everyone is shocked, but Nikhil comes and Lajjo smilingly dances again towards her love and victory.

Lajjo wins the competition and everyone is happy. Sagar says the people I launched till now, I took the credit of their victory, but she is the first one to whom I would say this victory belongs to her.Nikhil meets Lajjo and hugs her. She says I will always be your Lajjo, I m Trishna just for the world. He says I know, you are my Lajjo. Sagar comes there and meets Nikhil. Nikhik says well done, congrats. He gets a call and talks to Khanna. He gets angry on Khanna and says I would have died today because of you. Khanna says you have to go, try to understand your life is in danger, you have to go tonight. Nikhil thinks when the time came for him to unite with Lajjo, he is made to go far from here. Will Nikhil get out of this diamond smuggling scam? Keep reading.

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