Rudra’s Dadi tells him about Swami Balivesh’s truth in Mahakumbh

Rudra runs to save his life from Rudra and falls on a tree bark. Rudra asks Pandey why did he kill Maai Mui and Udiya Baba. Pandey says its bigger game than you think, its just my hand, but someone else’s mind, I did not have any animosity with your family, its related to Mahakumbh. Pandey dies before naming Balivesh. Rudra goes to Pandey’s house again, and opens the door. Swami takes Pandey’s pic. Maya comes there and sees Pandey dead. She is shocked and Swami hugs her, saying Rudra did not do anything, Pandey died on his own, Rudra is innocent but his revenge is fulfilled.

Rudra is shocked seeing Pandey’s wife, brother in law, and all goons dead and the house ruined. Rudra understands his Balivesh behind all this. Rudra dreams of Maai Mui and shares whatever is happening. She asks him to keep his trust on Maya and not decide it so soon. Maya comes to Rudra and asks where was he. She cries and says she knows you have one aim to come here, your revenge fulfillment, Rudra you don’t care for me right. Rudra gets angry on Maya and asks her to be away from him. Rudra comes to his old home and sees his Dadi. He recalls she is his Dadi and some childhood moments come in his memory flashes. He asks how did this happen. She names Nanu, Balivesh and Chote Mama Anivesh. She says they have burnt everything, don’t know why they took such revenge.

Rudra helps Thapadiya Maaai by bringing her bag from thief. Rudra talks to Maya and says I have come back Maya, after forgetting everything, you also wanted this right, you promised this to my Maai Mui. Maya hugs Rudra and smiles. She recalls their good moments in Banaras. Rudra’s smile turns into anger, recalling Dadi’s words. Charles comes to Katherine’s room, while she is having bath in bathroom. She sings and he hears her. He gets her phone and gets all the data in his mobile. Grierson tells Swami about Amrit and seven protectors for it. He says yes, but whats related to Rudra. Grierson says its related to Amrit, Rudra is one of the protectors and it has something related to his ashram. Swami says so you wanted Shivanand.

Grierson says the one who gets amrit can rule the world. He says after 144 years, that Amrit comes that seven Karur protect, this time it will happen, but two of them will be weak which we can control easily. Rudra and Charles’s back with Garuda signs are shown. Grierson says it was a secret, but in second world war, the secrets have come out, we got it and we came here to Allahabad. Rudra sees Nanu off his bed. Nanu acts like cleaning the bed. Maya asks why is he doing this.

Nanu says a human should do his work on his own, this is my Guru’s place, its my duty to keep it clean, a human has to take his deed’s responsibility himself. Rudra says everyone should do his duty, and you have to do your duty in Poornima event. Rudra says if you called me son, come with me, trust me. Swami ji is greeted by many devotees. Rudra gives fake smiles to Maya. Maya says I can’t believe this, I m very happy seeing you like this. Charles steals Katherine’s phone. Maya smiles and recalls Rudra’s words.

Thapadiya Maai comes to Maya and sees her smiling. She asks will she break Rudra’s trust. Maya says you just see my mistake, I feel you and Rudra has last birth relation, so you both don’t trust me. Thapadiya Maai says we have this Mahakumbh relation, you think about yourself. Thapadiya Maai gives her shagun bangles and says don’t cheat him, I know your love is true. Rudra meets his Dadi in hospital and asks about his mum. The nurse brings milk. Dadi says she won’t drink. Rudra asks her to have it for his sake, and makes her drink it. She says you did not tell me about yourself. He says I will tell everything Dadi.

He thinks he will tell everything after raising the curtains from the secrets. She says your dad Shivanand is responsible for our family ruining. Rudra looks on stunned. Maya’s Nanu asks Maya to tell Rudra that we have killed Udiya Baba and Maai Mui. Nanu says they will get Rudra marry Maya and if needed, he can kill ether of them. Maya is shocked knowing the truth and cries. Will Rudra believe Maya and know Amrit’s truth? Keep reading.