Neil starts falling for Devyaani once again, and helps her. Her dress gets torn. Neil’s friends laugh and he looks at them. Devyaani covers it. Neil says relax, I will do something. He removes his jacket and covers her. Anu and Rajat imagine each other, and Rajat finally meets her as milk vendor. They romance and Alka and Rohan laugh seeing them. Anu hugs Devyaani and says I have seen a very bad dream, and tells her that she will lose Rajat. Rajat messages Anu that its his mistake that their life is starting so late, the days will be like mistakes, I ask you for one day which he wants to make it special for her, and make memories.

She gets Rajat’s call and asks her is she preparing to meet in evening. He says how will I wait till evening, I love you so much. Minty hears this and looks unhappy. Neil gets sure about Devyaani and wants to propose her, as his friends insists a lot. Minty talks to Dolly and asks for some plan to shoo off Anushka from Rajat. Shastri ji comes and hears them. He brings the Lohri shagun. Neil gifts a dress to Devyaani and asks her to wear it. Devyaani agrees and he thinks she loves him too. Anu tells Devyaani about her bad dream, and she wore the same dress. Devyaani asks her not to believe in dreams, and get ready fast.

Rajat and Anu have a romantic date. She is glad seeing the lights and decorations. They dance romantically and have candle light dinner. . Minty and Dolly see them together, Minty gets angry. Sareen asks Minty to accept Anu by her heart. She argues with Sareen. He meets Shastri ji and assures him of happiness in their children’s life. They hug and have a talk. Shastri ji gives Anu as bahu to him. Minty plans to do something before Anu comes to her house as her bahu. Dolly asks Minty to accept the situation as she has no option. Neil proposes Devyaani and she asks is he joking. Neil is shocked by her refusal and says yes I m joking.

She asks him not to joke again. Neil tells his friends. They make Neil angry and ask him to see the truth, as Devyaani won’t love him, and laugh on him. Neil gets teary eyed. Rajat promises Anu that he will never leave her, and he will fight with every dark night of her life, and never let darkness come in her life. Rajat makes Anu wear mangalsutra. Minty taunts Shastri ji a lot. He looks at Rajat and Anu. They both have a huge verbal fight, and Shastri ji shouts enough as she calls his daughters characterless. Minty says I will get happiness when your daughters go away from my life. She says you did planning and explained your daughters. She insults him.

She says Rajat is my son, I gave him birth and did his upbringing. Shastri ji says yes, a mother has full rights on a son, and you are ruining your son’s life. You know Rajat loved Anu and planned it with Nikki and wanted to get him engaged to Devyaani, so that the sisters fight and break the family. Sareen asks did he know this. Shastri ji asks how can she not care about her son, this mum does not have any right to question on my upbringing. Shastri ji says I took a decision, I end this relation right away. They are shocked.

Devyaani cries and says don’t say this, Rajat and Anu love each other. Sareen says but Rajat and Anu are married. Shastri ji says no, how can it be marriage if they did not get parents’ blessings, its not marriage which points on my daughter’s character. He says he will find such a family who deserves my daughter. He vows that he will make Anu marry infront of them, and in a better family and more qualified guy than Rajat. Shastri ji gets heart attack and falls. The girls rush to him and cry. They rush him to the hospital.

Anu meets Shastri ji in the ICU and says you will be fine. He says when you got ill, I used to say this to you, I gave you good values. He says he fears to break the promise given to her mum. Rajat asks her to smile and everything will be fine. Shastri ji says I know Rajat and you love each other a lot, and even then families get related in marriage, and Minty will not accept you and not keep you happy. He says you have promised and can’t say no now. Any says I promised and can’t refuse. Anu breaks down and cries hugging Rajat recalling she has to end her marriage with him now. Will Rajat and Anu get separated? Keep reading.