Samarth and Vikram challenge each other in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Vikram gets restless to talk to Shobha. Shobha unknowingly calls Vikram He gets angry hearing on phone what Shobha was saying to herself and what Samarth has done with her. She says Samarth has beaten me, you will hate me if you know this that he has touched me against my will. Vikram says Samarth and gets angry. Nani asks Vikram will he have food. Vikram says no, till I beat Samarth, I won’t digest food. Nani says what did he do. Vikram says I can’t tell you what he did with Shobha, I can’t spare him. Samarth talks to Tiwari and Vikram comes there to meet him. Vikram says you feel no one is there to speak in Shobha’s defense.

Samarth asks who is he for her, and how did he become mad about her, what type of man is he. Vikram scolds him. Samarth says she is my wife. Vikram says you used her, you spoil the name of men. Shobha thinks she tells everyone that she can handle everything alone, but there was someone like shadow, its Vikram, I did not ask help, but he came as angel and solved my problem, this time I can’t tell him anything, I m alone. Vikram tells Sarika that family and love terms don’t look good by her, Samarth has to pay the price. Sarika says f you do anything, it can be bad for Shobha, you think you can get Shobha doing this.

Vikram says Samarth does not know me. Vikram talks to himself and says I heard evetyhing what Shobha said, not by coincidence, but by fate, it brings us infront of each other always. Sarika thinks Samarth has to fall in her feet and apologize, we have to do something before mum knows this. Rohini meets Vikram and talks about Samarth and Shobha. Vikram says I did not see such a cheap man. She says Shobha can make or break him, she has to expose him. He says he will make Shobha do this, she fights for other’s rights, its time she fights for her own rights.

Sarika and Samarth talk about Vikram, who can harm them for Shobha’s sake They think of anything to stop him. Garima speaks against Vinita and Sanjay raises hand to slap her. Garima tells everything that Vinita was doing her miscarriage, she trusted her and gave her Shobha’s place, she tried to kill my baby. She tells everything and says all instances planned by Vinita. Vinita lies and says Garima was saying she will get separated from us after baby comes, and she will go with Sanjay, she said we interfere in her life.

Saurabh gets sad and says Sanjay is my only brother, don’t bring bitterness between us. Vikram seeks Ketan’s help to file case on Samarth. Sarika asks Samarth whats his plan. Samarth says he has a big plan that will put Vikram’s life at stake, and Shobha and Vikram will be away. He tells her the plan. Sarika calls him genius. Vikram smiles seeing the sky. He says Shobha, this time injustice won’t happen with you, as I m with you, your family loves you and get strength, its time the country gets strength from you, as you do whats right, I just have to show you mirror and you will find yourself in it on your own.

Vikram comes to Sharda and asks why did she call him. Sharda scolds Vikram and says Shobha is like my daughter, she has some respect, she has kids, how can you tell anything against her. Samarth says this won’t work now, you wrote love letters to my wife, are you not ashamed. Vikram says I don’t know what did I write. Samarth says all emails and letters that you love Shobha. Samarth asks does he not have affair with Shobha. Vikrram asks how can he think his wife will see any other man. Vikram comes home and recalls Samarth’s accusing him and Shobha. Vikram says he is sad that Shobha did not believe him, why don’t she understand Sarika and Samarth trapped him, how to get out of this.

He argues with Samarth and asks him to fight openly like a man, its my mistake to send Shobha back to you, she will hate you, this is my promise. Sharda comes to Shobha and says she trusts her. Shobha cries and says I did not know about Vikram Sir. Sharda says don’t blame yourself, we also did not know, we can’t trust anyone. Shobha says yes we can’t trust, and thinks did Vikram really break my trust. Nani says Vikram can’t do this, he can’t let Shobha get insulted. Vikram threatens Samarth and they both challenge each other. Will Vikram be able to save Shobha? Keep reading.