Sarika comes back in Vikram’s life in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Vikram brings Sharda to Mumbai to meet Sarika. Shobha welcomes them home, and they all go together to give condolences to Sarika. Vikram misses to see Sarika there, and leaves. Sarika acts like a helpless sad woman infront of Sharda and takes her sympathy. They all come back to Delhi and many days passes. Vikram and Shobha start gelling very well and he makes a strong bond with Jia and Reyaan. Sarika talks to Abhay’s pic and gives a kiss to his past and warm welcome to his future. Shobha asks Vikram to break his past links, don’t turn back to see it, promise me, you will give another chance to love.

She forwards her hand and he holds her hand. Shobha tells Mahesh that she will take care of Vikram’s work today. She sits on his chair of Marketing head. Vikram starts depending on Shobha for everything. Garima gives the good news to everyone that she is pregnant. Everyone gets happy and keep the baby shower function. Sanjay is not glad to welcome the baby as he had some dreams with Garima, and asks her to abort the baby. Garima and Sanjay have an argument. Sharda calls Sarika and asks her when is she coming to Garima’s baby shower.

Sarika says I m not out of my sadness, I don’t have courage to attend parties, please let me be alone. She ends call. Sarika wears a mini dress and goes to the pub. She meets her friends and flaunts her style. Her friend tells her about a rich NRI. Sarika sees a man and smiles. Sharda tells Shobha about Sarika, she is not out of her pain, she is not coming to attend Garima’s baby shower. Shobha does arrangements for baby shower. Vikram and Nani come. He likes the decorations and helps Shobha. Nani sees them together lighting candles and smiles. Sarika gets credit card bills and thinks to leave for Delhi to find some NRI there. Sarika packs her bag to go Delhi.

She crushes Abhay’s pic and throws it. She reaches Delhi. Sarika’s taxi breaks down. She sees a car coming, and smiles. She is shocked seeing Vikram. She asks the guard that she wants to meet him, I m his…. The guard says take appointment, many people know him, but Vikram Sir does not know anyone. Sarika looks on. She sees his car number and says I have to meet Vikram, very soon. Shobha tries fixing Vikram with a divorcee Avni. She tries talking to Vikram, and he does not agree to meet her. Shobha calls Avni for dinner at Vikram’s place and invites everyone. Sarika talks to Shobha and asks where are they going for dinner.

Shobha says come with us, we have dinner at our boss’ place. Sarika says she does not want to meet new people. Avni comes and says Shobha invited her. Nani tells everything to Vinita. Saurabh asks Nani why did she call them, whats the mystery. Vikram says we want something to happen between Vikram and Avni. They all ask Vikram to talk to Avni, as she will see the interiors. Vikram says I don’t need her, my house is good. They insist and send them to talk. Vikram and Avni have a talk. Everyone hide and hear their conversation.

Avni asks does he like her. He says Shobha likes you, you are good. They have a talk about their past and he says we should be in present. She asks why did he not marry till then. He says its direct question and thinks is she interviewing me or am I interviewing, she is acting like boss. He asks her to find a girl for him. She smiles and says very funny. Sarika tells her friend that she is coming. She sees Vikram’s car in the parking, and smiles. She says its his car and asks the watchman about it. He says its Vikram’s car, he stays in this building, on 14th floor, he has a party today. She says unbelievable, Shobha’s boss is also on 14th floor, it means they have went for dinner at his place, it means Vikram is Shobha’s boss. She laughs and says its destiny.

Vikram and Avni argue knowin their meeting is fixed by Shobha for marriage. Avni says you have commitment issues. He says fine, you have desperation issues. She calls him a fool, how can he think she will come to his bedroom for a job. Shobha stops Avni and asks them to think again. Avni tells his flaws and says she will not marry him even if he begs. Shobha says I think he will be good husband, I have seen him with my kids, he is rude, but his heart is clean as a small child. Avni asks her to marry him, if she knows him so well.

Shobha comes home and Sarika says she wanted to spend time with them, she was coming for dinner and they all came back. Shobha tells about the issue and their plan to fix him with any girl backfired. She asks why. Shobha says he had a GF who cheated him and he lost trust in love. She asks does he still love her. Shobha says don’t know, but he feels strong about her. Sarika thinks Vikram still loves her and is very glad to meet him. Will Vikram accept Sarika back in his life? Keep reading.