Pukaar Watch online Pukaar (also known as Pukaar – Call For The Hero) is an Indian television action-drama show, which premiered on 24 November 2014 and It will be aired on Life OK from Monday and Tuesday. The show is directed by Deven Bhojani and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah., starring Rannvijay Singh in the lead role.

LD tells Radha and her family about his decision to accept Radha. LD says actually, I love Radha. She is shocked. He says I know this happens in private, and then dating and then marriage. But in our case, its all opposite, I did not know I will tell any girl about my love, you have to trust me. Sadhna says Dada ji does not like city girls and lifestyle, when he is ready then we will come Mumbai. Radha thanks God that he will ever agree. Sadhna says trust us, we will convince him, its tough, but not impossible. She gives the shagun bangles to Radha to show she is serious about this. Suhasini smiles. LD apologizes for his mistakes and says he will give freedom, respect and love to Radha which she deserves.

He says I will make her dreams mine and will fulfill it, I promise I won’t do anything to bring tears in her eyes. He apologizes to Radha for hurting her so much. Radha gets angry. Suhasini asks LD to forget everything now and accepts him as her son in law. LD leaves for Mathura with his parents. Radha tries convincing Suhasini that she will not go with LD, but Suhasini is glad that Radha is getting a good family. Govind and Sadhna bring LD home. Govind is tensed. Ld is happy seeing Dada ji and hugs him. Jayshree looks on. Dada ji blesses him. He asks how was the journey. Govind says it was fine. He sees LD and says he will come. Jayshree gets suspicious as she gets a letter for LD from the college. She makes Jahnvi read it.

Dada ji says there is no complaint about LD from Mumbai. Jahnvi reads the letter and tells Jayshree that a girl complained about LD. Dada ji says he will shine our name one day. Jhanvi says LD is rusticated. Jayshree is shocked. She asks her not to tell anyone about this. She says everyone is happy, if you tell this, everyone will get upset. She smiles by the breaking news and thinks how she run out Sadhna by this. D looks on and stops Sadhna. He says I will tell Dada ji, whats written in this letter. Jayshree thinks now we will know what LD did in Mumbai. LD says I m rusticated from college. Everyone is shocked. LD shows the marriage video with Radha. Dada ji is shocked seeing it.

Renuka talks to Suhasini and asks Radha is she telling them now. Suhasini gets angry and acts rude to Renuka. Renuka says I understand your situation, but you have to think from Radha’s point of view, so I studied the case. Renuka asks Suhasini not to get hyper, she is mum of a daughter, Radha and Isha are best childhood friends, do you think I will do anything bad for her. Suhasini says I can’t see the world confronting my daughter and asks her to leave. LD tells them everything what he has done, and it all started with a joke.

He says no one knew when this joke marriage turned into real one. Dada ji says you wanted to play prank on that girl, to teach her a lesson, but it got opposite. LD says yes. Dada ji asks is he mad to do such joke, he went to study, he taught him to respect girls and he forgot that. Dada ji gets angry on LD and scolds him a lot. Dada ji asks LD about the marriage. LD says I want to keep up this marriage as I love Radha. Everyone is shocked.

LD says I felt I m playing this game, but the game was being played by me, and I don’t know how our fights turned into love. Dada ji says you think this is love and marriage, it can join husband and wife, but it ends other relations, and that girl whom you are calling your bride, I did not see such bad girl ever. LD says you are judging her in one meeting, she is not bad, when I tried to know her, I loved her. Dada ji asks Govind did he agree for this. Govind stays quiet and Dada ji says I understood. He scolds him. He asks who will support LD in this.

Sadhna walks to LD and holds his hand, shocking everyone. LD tries convincing Dada ji about accepting Radha and praises her. He says he respects him and wants his approval in this. LD argues with him. Govind slaps LD.Dada ji scolds Govind for slapping LD and asks him to do anything he wants and ends all his ties with LD. What will LD do now? Keep reading.