Shiv proved innocent in court case; Anandi and Shiv having professional differences in Balika Vadhu

Everyone thank Anil Manchanda for coming in the court and saving Shiv by his statement. Shiv is happy that finally truth won. Shiv thanks everyone who believing in his innocence and asks the media not to target innocent people. The media targets Rasika and taunts her badly for this shameful act. Narendra’s mom slaps her saying my Narendra loved you and you made fun of his love. You betrayed us. Narendra’s parents apologize to Shiv. Dadisaa worries for Gulli’s marriage and says I should get her married soon. I will get her married with our haveli. Anandi tells her that Shiv is relieved of all charges and was freed by the court.

Anandi says I was about to call you and tells that Buaji is coming to Jaitsar for her leg treatment in Aurvedic hospital.Dadisaa says yes send her, she can stay at our home. Shiv comes with family and says he got call from DSP and has to join the office from tomorrow. Subhadra troubles Amol. He makes an icecream and gives to Shiv calling him the best father. Dadisaa is getting the haveli clean and asks the servants to clean fast. She sees a bucket of water and splashes it on Subhadra by mistake.

Subhadra gets angry on her. Dadisaa asks her who is she. Subhadra introduces herself as Anandi’s mom in law. Dadisaa gets shocked and apologizes to her. Dadisaa welcomes her and introduces her to everyone. They come to the doctor. Doctor tells them that because of chemicals, she got itching. They argue with each other. Shiv gives greeting cards to Anandi and plays music to have a romantic time. They hug and are happy together. Pramila, a clever and wrong doing woman, traps Anandi with her fake goodness and asks her to come to her dance academy.

Suurabh plans to hurt Saachi and save her, inorder to get high in Vivek’s eyes. He saves Saachi and Vivek becomes grateful to him. Dadisaa and Subhadra have an argument, it looks amusing between two old ladies. Pramila calls Anandi and tells her that the clothes got praised by her academy girls. Anandi thanks them. She invites her to the dance academy. . Dadisaa says Subhadra is very stubborn and refused to accept Doctor’s orders. She says Jagya that I made her understand with great difficulty. Subhadra calls Daddu. Daddu picks the call. Subhadra tells him that she is happy to get 5 star hotel treatment taunting in anger.

Subhadra complaints to him that it doesn’t have proper infrastructure and good food. She says, they even took my phone. I am calling you from landline. Daddu says, it is necessary for detoxication. He asks her to have patience and try the treatment. Pramila starts acting when Anandi comes. She tries to impress Anandi. Saachi talks to Vivek on phone and asks him to reach within 30 mins else she will get angry. Saurabh listens to her conversation and thinks of a plan.

He goes to Saachi’s room and sprays her perfume on him. Saurabh waits for Vivek to come and thinks 5 mins is left. He opens the door and pretends to get surprised and shocked. Vivek feels his discomfort. Saachi comes and hugs Vivek. Vivek thinks same smell came from Saurabh too. Vivek says this perfume smell is your identity for me. I want this to be only yours and not someone else. Saachi looks puzzled. Subharda runs from the hospital being fed up of the treatment. Dadisaa asks her to stay in haveli and get the treatment. Pramila asks Anandi to help her in getting this place for this academy.

Anandi says my husband Shiv is collector of the city and will help you. Anandi calls Shiv and asks him to help them. Some people come to meet Shiv and complains about Pramila’s dance academy and asks him to get the dance academy close. Subhadra comes to talk to Ganga and Jagya and tries to bring Anandi in between them. Ganga does not care about her words and leaves. agya says Anandi is special to me, my life is stable because of her, when I hear her name, I respect her, nothing else.

Anandi comes to meet Pramila and thinks she is a good woman, not knowing her truth that men come at their academy at night to drink and spend time with those girls. Police comes there to raid. Pramia gets tensed and asks Anandi to help her. Anandi says I know Pramila and this academy. The inspector says I was doing my duty. Shiv comes there and says he got complaints about Pramila’s dance academy, so he has to investigate. Will Pramila’s matter bring any gap between Shiv and Anandi? Will Saurabh succeed in proving Saachi bad? Keep reading.