Shivanand agrees to come India to meet Rudra in Mahakumbh

Maai asks Rudra to apologize to Maya defending her. Maya attends a seminar at her college by Dr. A P G Rao. He says people don’t know and explains about Jellyfish rebuilding cell capability and that can be called immortality, and scientists trying to stop cell deformation, and they can try to take humanity towards immortality. He says about Amrit Manthan. Rudra walks to them. Rao says protectors are born in 144 years and they have powers to fight the evil powers. Maya asks who are they, can we identify them. Rudra comes there and Maya asks him to go. She meets him in canteen and few guys tease her.

Rudra rages but she manages to send him off to stop creating any issue at her college. Rudra apologizes to her and they start getting friendly. She says there is one thing, you are interesting, you don’t know to apologize, and don’t talk, you don’t know whats friendship. Rudra takes out the half note and recalls Charles. Charles is also seeing the other part of the note. Maya asks Rudra to come with her to Allahabad. She says we all will go. Rudra recalls the Mahakunbh and losing his dad. He says many things against Mahakumbh, it takes away loved ones, ruin lives, it gives lifelong wounds to people, its not good, as sin is there where there is goodness. Rudra shouts shut up, and scolds her, he says I will kill you if you try coming close to me and my Maai Mui.

He shouts on her and comes home in bad mood. Rudra says I m not hungry and lies down covering himself in anger. She asks what happened, and sees him shaking. She asks what happened again. He says we are not related to that girl, she was talking about taking us to Allahabad, I will never leave you, and hugs her. He tells Maai about Maya. Maai gets worried seeing Rudra’s anger and meets Maya telling her about Rudra’s hatred and pain in his heart after losing his family. Rudra tells Maai that he will never leave her. Maai tells Maya about Rudra disliking Mahakumbh. Maya apologizes to Rudra and he ignores her. She scolds him saying you feel bad happened just with you, and tells her story.

Rudra looks at her stunned, as she gets asthma attack while shouting on him. Rudra helps her as the pump falls, and she inhales it. Pandey gets to know Swami’s plan and talks to Grierson. He says he knows about Rudra and he can help him. Grierson asks him to send some proof of Rudra’s existence. Pandey agrees thinking to get some amount from Grierso. The goons tease Maya again, and Rudra beats them up. His hands bleed and Pandey takes it on his kerchief and sends it for DNA. He takes some pics of Rudra and sends to Grierson. He thinks Pandey has damaged my eye for that Rudra, I will get that Rudra and I will take revenge from Swami ji for my insult. Pandey tells about APG Rao.

Swami ji asks Rao which ghats did he choose for his project. Rao says the sectors. Swami ji says you can choose any ghat by your wish, but not this Ganga ghat, it has devotion of people and its under our centre. Rao says govt has given us all freedom and we have chosen these three sectors. Swami ji says the final decision will be taken by collector, I will go myself to meet him. Rao says fine, I don’t have any problem. three sectors. Grierson tells Shivanand about his son Rudra in India and shows the pics and DNA. He says as I have not met my son since 24 years and locked here since 12 years, you feel I believe he is dead, I know my Rudra is alive. He says I don’t need to know this from you, and about finding him, I don’t trust you. The doctor says this DNA matches with Shivanand, and its more powerful. It’s a unique DNA, like that of a superhero.

Pandey gets Grierson’s call. Grierson says you did the work. Pandey is glad as Grierson hires him, and Swami should not know that he is working for him now. Pandey says I swear. Pandey comes to Swami. Swami gives him an imp work. Pandey says command me. Swami says you have to go Banaras, the target is not Rudra and someone else, this time don’t make any mistake. Pandey says think the work is done. Shivanand agrees to come India with him to meet his son, after finding the DNA report right. Shivanand says this Mahakumbh is of 144 years, if Amrit appears, it will be in this Mahakumbh, I m ready to support you. Will Shivanand be able to save Rudra? Keep reading.