Chakor sacrifices her education to save Ishwar in Udaan

The kids fool Girja and go to see Chakor. They are shocked to see Chakor missing in the dark room. ejaswini comes there and catches all of them. She goes inside and sees the cage empty. She asks them where did Chakor go, where did they send her. Ragini says Chakor was not there, we did not do anything. Tejaswini calls everyone and says they all have freed Chakor, they will be punished. Abha asks where can Aditya go. Ishwar says I think he went to haveli to free Chakor. He knows I will be out by Chakor’s statement. Prabhakar gets Bhaiya ji’s call and talks to him. Bhaiya ji says Aditya is here, take him, else I will leave him to become someone’s prey. Prabhakar says nothing should happen to Aditya.

Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that he has doubted the missed calls in haveli, as Vivaan was doing it. Ragini told him everything on phone, and how Ishwar went to jail. He says he has seen Aditya coming inside the haveli in disguise and meeting Vivaan, so everything got clear in his eyes. He says so I kept Chakor away from them, and I wanted to make them realize what’s failure. Bhaiya ji says they will not punish the kids. He says Chakor will punish them. Chakor asks how can I punish them. Bhaiya ji says tell me what will you give them as punishment.

Chakor says you punish me, and leave all of them. She says they all did this to free me, its not their mistake. Bhaiya ji asks everyone to go and punishes Chakor by tying her to pillar in cold weather. Ranjana comes and asks Manohar not to blame Vivaan, as he is responsible for all this. She says if you used your mind, Chakor would have not come back here. Manohaar asks her to take Vivaan and just leave. Ranjana refuses to go as she makes a plan with her dad to fight elections from Aazaadgunj. Bhaiya ji takes Chakor to police station and shows Ishwar, Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to free Ishwar. He says fine, will you do what I say.Chakor gets ready to do anything.

Ishwar says no Chakor and sees Bhaiya ji laughing.Ishwar asks Abha to meet Chakor’s parents and tell them everything, if Bhaiya ji makes Chakor do any wrong thing, they can save her. Bhaiya ji does a deal with Chakor. He asks her to choose any one from two things, do you want to keep Ishwar alive or your education? Chakor looks at him and says she will save Ishwar. e says education is curse for the Bandhua people and scolds her, tell everyone about this and say Ishwar is wrong. She recalls Ishwar’s words. Bhaiya ji says I did not give this stamp, its by your deeds and no one can erase this. Bhuvan and Kasturi talk to Abha. He says what does Chakor has.

Abha says Chakor has such thing which rich people don’t have. Kasturi says I understand. Bhuvan says tell me. Abha says Chakor has courage, strength, hope. Bhaiya ji is afraid of her. Chakor says I will leave education for Ishwar’s freedom. Bhaiya ji starts from beginning about Chakor and how she was made mortgaged when she was in her mum’s womb, she has then started working in haveli and became friends with haveli kids, then she has run away and went to Lucknow.

Vivaan says Chakor is very intelligent, she has learned A to Z in one day, and she is first bandhua labor who started studying. Bhaiya ji says yes, I don’t want this to happen. She has jumped to touch the moon and then fell on the earth with a bang. Lakhan tells the villagers that Chakor will be coming infront of them, and she will regret for her sin. Chakor is brought there in big chains. She walks there and everyone look on. Ishwar scolds Bhaiya ji and asks how can he make an innocent kid repent, I will show you how to get shame. Bhaiya ji says you don’t misbehave in lockup, you will be hurt and Chakor will feel the pain. He says Chakor is here and she was stopped education and thinks bonded labor is her work.

Aditya says I m going Aazaadgunj to stop Chakor. Ishwar asks Abha to go with him. Bhaiya ji asks inspector to free Ishwar. He says I want him to come there and see how I have cut Chakor’s feathers and stopped her flight. Chakor thinks about her journey till now. She says she did a mistake to try to erase the bonded labor stamp. She says this erase will never go and so its good to become friendly with it, and accept it. Kasturi and Bhuvan cry. Chakor shows the villagers by writing alphabet and showing what is education and its power. Will Chakor be able to bring a change? Keep reading.