Shoaib Ibrahim’s advise for wife Dipika Kakar

Bigg Boss is a show that tests every contestant’s patience, and in every season, there is at least one contestant who breaks down emotionally. When Sreesanth tried to walk out of the show, Dipika was seen calming him down.

Recently Dipika couldn’t control herself anymore and had an emotional breakdown post her fight with Surbhi Rana. This all started during this week’s luxury budget task, BB school bus. During the task, Dipika and Surbhi got into a verbal spat.

It turned ugly when Deepak and Surbhi started taunting Dipika and her celebrity status and called her fake. She has been hearing this from quite some time and finally broke down in the bathroom.

During a conversation with Megha, Dipika said that she never boasted about her celebrity status and has come this far because of her hard work.

Soon after the telecast, Dipika’s husband Shoaib Ibrahim got emotional and took to Twitter to bash her haters. Expressing support for his wife, Shoaib wrote, ‘Gunehgaaron ki aankhon me jhoothe guroor hote hain, Yaha sharminda toh sirf bekasoor hote hai.