Shobha gives a chance to Samarth for children’ sake in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Vikram gets a strong doubt on Sarika for murder attempt on Shobha, and goes to confront her. He says even your husband fell off the balcony and died, and there is some similarity in both case, that’s you. She gets tensed and starts crying. She says how can you think so, you think I tried killing Shobha and killed my husband. She clarifies that she was helping Reyaan by the screw driver. Shobha talks to Garima and says she will sort her issue, and meet Sanjay. Vinita hears this and thinks Shobha brainwashed Shobha. Sanjay should know how Garima is spoiling his name infront of her family.

Vikram thinks who will get benefit by killing Shobha, but Samarth can’t do this. Jia and Reyaan wish Shobha happy birthday. Nani asks Shobha to start her life fresh. Sarika loosens the fan to make it fall on Shobha and kill her, but it does not fall and her plan fails. They celebrate Shobha’s birthday. Vikram gets ready to meet her, and Nani convinces him to propose Shobha. Sharda blesses Shobha that Lord returns everything taken away from her, life will give you another chance. Samarth comes there and they are surprised seeing him. Jia tells Vikram and Nani that her dad came on mum’s birthday. Vikram is shocked.

He says I know I have hurt your heart a lot, and it was the bad year of your life, its all my fault, but today your new year starts today and I know the biggest gift will be if I return your past days, I have come here to return time. Shobha cries in her room, thinking about Samarth’s bitter words and his decision to give her divorce. Everyone leave the decision on her and she goes to meet Usha. Vikram comes back home and cries, thinking his life has turned upside down by Samarth’s arrival. Samarth thinks Shobha has bear a lot because of me, and she does not have fear to lose me, will she give me a chance or not.

Shobha thinks its like cheating herself to give chance to Samarth. Everyone worry for Shobha as she is not at home, and looks for her. Ketan tells Vikram that he feels Sarika is after Shobha’s life, as she wants you and Shobha is her hurdle. Vikram does not think again and looks for Shobha. Samarth comes to Vikram’s house to ask about Shobha, and they get into an argument. Samarth calls Sharda from police station and says he has come to make missing complaint, and to check is she in accident list. Sharda cries and wishes Shobha be fine. Usha says you won’t like it if I tell you anything, I feel you should reject Samarth as he has rejected you. Jia asks Vikram to unite her parents as they love them a lot and want them together.

Vikram thinks he was being selfish to think about his love and not seeing the kid’s love for Samarth. Usha says I feel you should marry Vikram now. Shobha is shocked. Shobha says you know there is nothing between me and Vikram, you think we have an affair, Samarth has done affairs, not me, I have not cheated my family. Usha says did you not realize that Vikram loves you, open your eyes and think. She asks her to go and test Vikram’s love.

Shobha comes to meet Vikram and cries, asking his advice about going back to Samarth. Vikram says I think about Samarth, I felt what do you see in him that you loved him so much, and its selfless love, even I was like this, untouched and seeing other’s happiness, and finding our happiness, and then I changed and hate everyone who loved, then I met you, and after meeting you, I came to know there is nothing good than love in this world. He says I promised I will find you, and you know kids are very happy with Samarth, they have accepted him, I feel you should give one chance to Samarth. She thanks him and hugs him crying.

She says you are right, its not about me and Samarth, its about kids’ future, they need their dad. Shobha comes home. Sharda says we were so worried, and hugs her. Sarika thinks she did drama and came back. She asks where did she go, Samarth went to police station to find you. Samarth says if you have problem with me, I will leave from this house. Nani asks Vikrram why did he let Shobha go if he loves her. Vikram says he did this for kids, as they love Samarth a lot and I can never take his place in their lives. He gets sad and hugs Nani. Shobha stops Samarth from leaving. What will Sarika do now? Keep reading.